Leftist Rewrites Obama’s Past: This time there is another woman in it! [VIDEO]

Leftist Rewrites Obama’s Past: This time there is another woman in it! [VIDEO]

Though the Left see Obama as “dreamy,” his past is a bit sketchy when it comes to the fairer sex. Thus, a new telling of Obama’s legacy is needed.

A new book claims that a young Barack had another female lover, before Michelle. Yes America, Obama dated TWO women, before marrying Michelle.

Interesting that we are just finding out about this new paramour after Elvis exited the building. Were Leftists afraid to tell us that Barry had more than ONE girlfriend prior to Michelle? The fact that the new girl was white like his first “girlfriend” wouldn’t have mattered, would it? In the end, Barack ended up with Michelle, thus confirming the saying, “Once you go black!”

The newly published book called “Rising Star” written by David J. Garrow, discusses a relationship of former President Obama. One review describes Sheila Miyoshii Jager, who is of Dutch and Japanese ancestry, as Obama’s love interest. Jager allegedly “refused [Obama’s] advances at the time because her mother said she was too young. She was 23 and Obama was 25.”

According to Garrow, Obama asked Jager to marry him in 1986, long before he met his future wife, Michelle Robinson.

Reviewed this week by The Washington Post, the book got raves.

“Garrow portrays Obama as a man who ruthlessly compartmentalized his existence; who believed early on that he was fated for greatness; and who made emotional sacrifices in the pursuit of a goal that must have seemed unlikely to everyone but him.”

No longer is it necessary to deal with Obama’s goat-herding father who went on to Harvard to get his Ph.D. We can now focus on the woman {ahem}, correction, women in Obama’s life.

The author writes that shortly after proposing to Jager, Obama suddenly “became more ambitious” politically speaking.

“I remember very specifically that by 1987, about a year into our relationship, he already had his sights on becoming president. [Obama’s] “resolution of his black identity was directly linked to his decision to pursue a political career,” said Jager.

In other words, Obama knew that a career limiting move for a race pimp is to marry a white woman.

So, half-black Obama went all black.

The science was in. Barry needed a black woman and an interesting name. So, he ditched the white fiancé and found him a soul sister.

But isn’t he BI?

Yes, rumors persist that Obama is bi-sexual. One might have dismissed the rumors, had it not been for a few issues.

  • His past. In all that is written about Obama there was only a mention of one woman up to now. Now we have two, as if that will dispel any rumors about his sexuality. And then there was Larry Sinclair. More on him in a minute.
  • His travel companion, ironically named Reggie Love.This must be about reclaiming and/or cleaning up Obama’s legacy. Or maybe they’re looking for at least one other book besides his own to put in Obama’s presidential library.
  • Finally, his legislation. Obama spent more time on LGBT issues than almost any other. It appears he had a bit of making up to do.

Back to Larry Sinclair

The truth about Obama’s sex life came out years ago.

We already know about his gay life in Chicago that went on for years before he became a senator. And his gay dalliance are said to have continued even after his first election to high office.

Rewrites Obama's PastIn fact, in January, 2008, Larry Sinclair made public the fact that he used to have sex with Barack Obama. How Sinclair has remained alive astounds most people, as almost all other gay associates of Obama are as they way, “pushing up daisies.”

Sinclair is a self-proclaimed former drug user and convicted felon who publicly described his sexual relationship and cocaine use with then Senator Obama in 1999. He went on to write a book about it as well.

The video above is just one of Sinclair’s public statements about his time with Obama.

Again, in May 2008, Dr. James David Manning publicly shared that Obama had a sexual relationship with his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Manning stated that Wright and Obama are both “closet homosexuals.”

In addition to this creative spin, we’re also invited to believe that Obama, Jager, and Michelle were involved in a love triangle. According to the book, Obama dated both Jager and Robinson “on and off” at the same time.

“Barack and Sheila had continued to see each other irregularly throughout the 1990-91 academic year, notwithstanding the deepening of Barack’s relationship with Michelle Robinson.”

You buy that?

I don’t. I think Jager would have taken one look at the very homely but fit Michelle, and called it off!

Ironically, the Left enjoy whitewashing Obama’s past.

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