HS GRADUATION BRAWL: Women Throw Punches in Church over a Seat [VIDEO]

HS GRADUATION BRAWL: Women Throw Punches in Church over a Seat [VIDEO]

If you want to understand why kids grow up without manners these days, watch how their parents treat one another. It’ll turn your stomach.

A brawl broke out at a high school graduation ceremony recently. Why? Because some people tried to save a couple of seats.

It’s utterly ridiculous to me how something like this could explode into extreme knock-down, drag-out violence. Especially among parents. But that’s exactly what happened at Arlington High School’s graduation ceremony in Memphis, Tennessee.

As seniors made their way into an auditorium on Tuesday night, a handful of adults threw down. All that was missing is mud and bikinis.

The Lead-Up

The main culprits in this slugfest were two large women.

The fight costumes? One wore a brown dress, the other a black top. The reason for the fisticuffs? One lady wanted to save seats and the other wasn’t having it.

So the fight was on…IN A CHURCH!HS Graduation Brawl

Footage shows a woman in brown emphatically shouting:

“You can NOT save seats!”

Then, an unidentified woman off camera tried to respond, but was shouted down:

“Well, we don’t care. We ran into ya’ll. Ya’ll were saving seats. We said, ‘No!'”

Suddenly, everyone in the row was triggered.

Game on!

As an older man in a blue and white shirt filmed the graduates’ processional a little while later, the woman wearing the brown dress got aggressive. She apparently didn’t like him getting in the way of her fist.

She reached up to take his camera away and he swatted her hand. Then she hit him hard with her program, as she told a woman off camera:

“If your husband would quit touching me…”

When he pushed her away again, brown dress used her whole body, with forearms flailing to shove and punch him hard multiple times.

HS Graduation BrawlThat’s when multiple people screamed at her to stop. But she was just getting started.

At this point, the woman in the black shirt, who was obviously friends with brown dress, unloaded her water bottle on the seat violators. Then brown dress took the bottle and finished the job.

Next, a thin woman in a black dress tried to reach past” brown dress”. But brown dress took hold of her with both hands and shoved her down into the row of seats. Ouch, that had to hurt.

“Black shirt” walked past brown dress and got in the faces of the man filming the ceremony, and another man with long curly hair, coming to his girlfriend’s defense.

The curly haired man told black shirt to “back up,” as he shoved her.

Then one of the women yanked his hair, hard. Black shirt is then seen trying to hit curly hair. But blue shirt gets into between them, as he tries to continue filming the processional.

All of a sudden, a blonde woman in royal blue yells at brown dress:

“Don’t touch my f***ing boyfriend!”

Black shirt then shoved blue dress to the ground. In response, a large man in a blue shirt shoved black shirt backwards into chairs. Then blue dress got up and grabbed black shirt, who, along brown dress grabbed her by the hair and repeatedly punched blue dress in the head.

The large man separated the two women from blue dress while another witness called out:

“It’s a graduation! It’s a graduation!”

Shortly thereafter, the two female combatants were removed from the ceremony by security guards.

Surprisingly, no one is pressing charges at this time.


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