Is Susan Rice Seeking Immunity to Tell All About Obama Administration?

Is Susan Rice Seeking Immunity to Tell All About Obama Administration?

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice certainly has a reason to seek immunity.

Besides the atrocity of Benghazi and the outright lies in that cover-up, the Obama administration committed other egregious acts.

War Hero Says Obama Used Susan Rice to do His Dirty WorkWiretapping journalists and threatening them as well. We reported that the Obama administration prosecuted more journalists than all other administrations combined, yet the press fawn over the man.

Perhaps the biggest bombshell involved the spying on then candidate-Trump.

Because of the revelations around the Trump surveillance scandal, rumors float that Susan Rice may have requested immunity in order to testify.

According to Infowars.

Ever since the scandal has come to light, Rice has tried to avoid the glare of the interrogator’s light. For instance, she refused to testify before the Senate during their investigation into the Russian hacking conspiracy, via CNN.

On other counts, Rice has attempted to clear her own name by giving supposedly candid interviews to “serious” journalists. In each interview, the fact that Rice is a compulsive liar comes through time and time again, via FOX News.

Rice has a reason to be evasive. The House is currently looking into whether or not Rice ordered the NSA to spy on Donald Trump and his team before the inauguration. According to some evidence, all of this was done with foreign intelligence services as cover, via Washington Times.

If convicted, Rice could face serious jail time. With immunity, she may name bigger names than herself.

The main points are clear.

Rice presented a lot of conflicting information that could easily be picked apart.

The dismantling of the DC infrastructure leaves Rice complete exposed. Obama can no longer offer Rice immunity. But that’s not what bothers Rice the most.

It’s one thing for the powers-that-be to fall under the protective umbrella of the DC establishment. But the minions do not. It is they who Rice likely fear the most.

In scandal after scandal, the worker bees avoided the guillotine. From the VA to the IRS, no animals were harmed in the making of this film. However, that changes under the administration whose president is world renown for “You’re FIRED!”

But this time, “You’re FIRED!” doesn’t get you a ride in the chopper, unless that bird is headed to Leavenworth.

Susan Rice may be loyal. But she’s worth $50 million and I suggest she doesn’t want to hear about how her white husband is spending their fortune, as she enjoys vicariously from behind bars.

The deeper the Democrats dig into the Russian story looking for ways to hang President Trump, the more Democrats at risk.

Rice’s could implicate the biggest names in Utopia. Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, or even Obama himself might face the gallows.

As we learned from Breitbart. the Democrats created this Russian fiction in hopes of ruining Trump. The defeated Clinton campaign launched the Russian hacking theory, literally hours after the final election results. The timing suggest that the campaign was tied to the hip with Obama’s team in spying on Trump, et al.

All this said, we have nothing besides rumor for this story. Leftist David Brock’s Media Matters has already called the theory “alt-right fake news”. In my opinion the offer no more “evidence” against this theory than Alex Jones does for it. Frankly, if the New York Times had reported this story of Sarah Palin, you can bet Media Matters would be silent.

Regardless of what side you fall on this, one thing is for sure. You can’t rule this theory about Rice out.

We will have to wait and see who’s right.


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