Admittedly I LOVE street justice.

We posted a story a while back about a man who tried to rob an old black woman. The neighborhood responded, and I doubt the perpetrator will try that again.

Below is an excerpt from that article:

Apparently, a black man tried to rob an elderly black woman, because Black Lives Matter and all.

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However, the guy was not very good at his job and he was caught. Thus he received “street justice.”

The man is surrounded by black men from the neighborhood, where he was interrogated.

As one very large black man asked the questions, others merely voiced their approval. One man was apparently appointed by “the court” to be the videographer and Real TV commentator.


But now we have another story. [LANGUAGE WARNING]

This time a black teen breaks into a man’s home. The man beats the crap out of him, but what happens next is priceless.

But luckily these stories are balanced with ones like this.

REAL HERO: Meet the Man Who BROKE UP A FIGHT Between Teens

Meet Ibn Ali, a real hero. Ali is the man who took the time to step in the middle of a fight between two black teens.

He managed to talk sense into them, something they likely hadn’t seen in decades.

The New Jersey man stood between the two youngsters and explained why their fight was futile. He then stood between them until they agreed to shake hands.

Social media rightfully erupted.

Sadly, friends of the two teens recorded the fight on their cell phones, in the middle of an Atlantic City street. The good Samaritan was later identified as Ibn Ali.

“Everybody on your phones though, all y’all, y’all are the real cowards…Record that too.”


 Hopefully, in the era of Trump, we will see more of this behavior, and less of the brutal animalistic things that occurred routinely under Obama.

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