Leftists readily invite killers in our midst.

And why not, since most killers in America are indeed Leftists. 

Remove Leftists from America and we are the safest and friendliest country on the planet.

Unfortunately, Leftists are the world’s cross to bear. America kept them in check for decades. However, the disease of Leftism hit our population a few decades ago and now spreads like untreated MRSA.

Part of that spread is through undocumented Muslim refugees.

Recently, investigative journalist Mark Sauter came forward with an alarming discovery.

Form N-400  must be filled out for Muslim refugees seeking to enter the United States. Applicants must answer questions on political affiliation, for example, is the applicant affiliated with Communist or Nazis. However, they form has no such area for ties to radical groups such as ISIS or Al Qaeda.

Ironically, being Communist or Nazi should no longer disqualify an applicant, given the state of the Democratic Party, a group replete with both. However, given the Muslim attacks on American soil and former FBI Director James Comey’s declaration that Muslim terror groups exist in all 50 states, one would think asking the question related to Muslim terror affiliation would be par for the course.

Unless you understand the former president’s take on Muslim terrorists refugees.

The Fed seems trapped in the Cold War Era.

We should undoubtedly have people affirm they are not associated with terror groups. So when we find they are, we have grounds for immediate deportation. Americans don’t need a long drawn out process to get terrorists off our shores.

As Sauters continues,

“This data is critical, it should be aggregated, it should be analyzed…If the U.S. government isn’t doing the most basic form of data collection and data mining, then what the heck is going on? In my estimate, every day they fail to collect data from the N-400 is a day the federal government is not protecting us.”

Sauter is undoubtedly an expert in homeland security, so he knows the ramifications. Further, he worked as an investigative journalist for years, uncovering similar lapses. According to Sauter, there is nothing on these forms that would disqualify potential terrorists from entering our country as it relates to radical Muslim affiliations.

We learned from The Daily Caller:

Terrorist just legally enteredFederal officials don’t compile crucial data, such as what terrorist organizations applicants are affiliated with or if they’ve ever illegally voted in an American election, on the form used to vet immigrants seeking U.S. citizenship.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) doesn’t collect any statistics on how applicants answer questions on Form N-400, which is used to screen immigrants, according to the agency.

Keep in mind that two judges have undermined the safety of American citizens by denying President Trump’s executive orders.

Nevertheless, you can bet that America will undergo more attacks by radical Muslims. We must remain vigilant, and make sure laws are passed that ban Sharia.

And we must never allow Muslims to believe we have let our guard down.

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