Tiger Woods Hits Rock Bottom With Arrest

However, his fame as a golfer still won him a little favor. He was released on his own recognizance.

Tiger’s fall from grace has been documented since he was exposed as a sex addict in 2009. Following a fight in which his wife beat him with a golf club, Woods reportedly hit a tree while under the influence of Ambien and Vicodin. He lawyered up pretty fast after the incident and received a slap on the wrist with a $164 ticket for reckless driving.

Woods joined the famous list of sex addicts alongside celebs like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. But going to rehab wasn’t enough to save his marriage. He may be the first athlete to earn a billion dollars, but he’s definitely not the first athlete to find out money can’t buy a devoted wife. After the split, Tiger’s reputation was permanently tarnished.

Tiger Woods Hits Rock Bottom #KevinJacksonHe lost nearly all of his endorsements. The deals brought in over $108 million a year. And his track to becoming the greatest golfer of all time seemed to fall off into oblivion. Since the divorce, most Tiger-news has been scandalous.

In the latest chapter, the legendary athlete was arrested for DUI on Memorial Day.

According to Fox News:

Woods, a Jupiter resident, was taken into custody at 3 a.m. Monday, according to WPTV. The golfer was booked into a county jail under his birth name Eldrick Woods, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office’s website.

Woods was charged with DUI and released on his own recognizance about 10:50 a.m.

The golfer has been living Jupiter Island since 2006 after buying a $40 million estate there, The New York Times reported.

It’s not surprising that Woods would trade his sex addiction for alcohol or drugs. Most addicts can attest to the fact that healing one addiction often creates another because personalities are hard-wired for addiction.

The Promises Treatment Center explains it like this:

Whenever you engage in something pleasurable, whether it’s eating chocolate or snorting cocaine, your brain releases the “feel good” chemical dopamine. When you have an addiction, your brain begins to need that feeling. That need is what triggers cravings that drive you back to the substance or activity that made you feel so good. When you’re in recovery – even though the original substance is no longer in your body – your brain continues to desire that feeling. In other words, it wants a new drug or activity to give you that “high”.

Therefore, it’s easy to understand why Tiger is struggling with alcohol abuse. However, understanding a problem shouldn’t be the same as making excuses for one’s behavior. Yet, that’s exactly what the Florida police seemed to be doing.

No Excuses

The average citizen facing a DUI charge in Florida will have to post bail ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars! This guy lives in a $40 million house. He can afford a ten thousand dollar bail without batting an eyelash. He is also educated enough to know the dangers of his behavior. But a Stanford Education doesn’t ensure common sense.

Still, Tiger Woods is a man who is used to privilege. But breaking the law shouldn’t come with privilege. Woods needs to have the same consequences as any other citizen.

Tiger Woods hits rock bottom #KevinJacksonSadly, the court is already showing leniency towards Woods with the lack of bond. This will likely correlate to a minimal consequence for his behavior. However, the courts should impost the same strict fines and punishments on the rich and famous. In fact, those with so much wealth at their disposal aren’t hit hard by hefty fines. Therefore, Tiger should face a punishment that really affects him on a deep personal level.

Perhaps he should be forced to volunteer with a group like F.A.D.D. That way Tiger could see up close and personal what happens when people choose to drink and drive. More than a third of all traffic fatalities involve alcohol impaired drivers. Nearly every twenty minutes an American dies in an alcohol-related crash. Those are scary statistics that don’t really register with the kind of people who can buy their way out of trouble.

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