MUSLIM TERROR ATTACK IN BOSTON? Car runs over pedestrians in Boston

MUSLIM TERROR ATTACK IN BOSTON? Car runs over pedestrians in Boston

Was this a terror attack in Boston?

Sadly, we certainly couldn’t say at first.

What we do know is that Muslim terrorists have a new weapon. And as we’ve learned in multiple cities around the world, Muslims will use airplanes, large trucks, and other vehicles to wreak havoc on unsuspecting shoppers, revelers, or unaware infidels.

Luckily, this apparently was not such an attack. According to Fox New reports:

Three people were killed and several injured Wednesday when a jeep sped through a crowded auto auction in a small Massachusetts town, authorities said.

The crash happened around 10:30 a.m. at LynnWay Auto Auction in Billerica, about 20 miles northwest of Boston, Fox affiliate WFXT-TV reported.

Marian Ryan, the Middlesex County District Attorney, said one man two women were killed when the vehicle “suddenly accelerated” and struck “numerous people” before crashing into a cinder block wall.

Ryan told reporters that 10 people were injured, two with life-threatening injuries.

Why do our minds go “there”?

In almost every one of these types of attacks the media played dumb.

I wrote this of the “truck attack” in Berlin:

Just when we all thought it was safe to shop freely at festive, open air markets for Christmas, we find out that Christians were targeted.

By now you’ve heard of the attack on shoppers in Berlin who had their Holiday spirit interrupted by another fundamentalist truck that went on a killing rampage.

No one knows how or when the truck became radicalized. Was it during manufacturing or at the distribution point?

Did the truck act alone, or was it part of a truck convoy trained at a rogue extremist chop shop?

What we do know about this act of terror by the truck is it had nothing to do with the trucking industry.

In fact, the Teamsters have issued a stern warning to its members: do not engage in “truckophobia” by linking this act to other peaceful and moderate fleets of trucks.

Sound ridiculous? Not if you learned of the Islamist terror attack that took place at the Christmas Market in Berlin, Germany on December 19, 2016 from the dhimmis at CBC Radio:

Their headline reads:

Witness describes ‘horrifying’ scene after truck crashes into Berlin Christmas market

When Muslims attacked Christian party-goers in San Bernardino, the media tiptoed around the facts like they were walking in a minefield.

They knew the perpetrators at the very least “looked” Muslim, but refused to say anything until the very end. I wrote of this.

Islamic Muslim terrorists murdered a group of people while they gathered to celebrate a Christian holiday. Was that so hard?

Apparently the truth is difficult for the mainstream media.

As the tragedy of yet another attack by radical Muslims occurred, all news outlets tip-toed around the simple and obvious facts surrounding the San Bernadino terrorist attack.

Initially we weren’t sure, as the attackers were covered in black, including their faces. Then came the shootout. Two attackers were killed, and for hours the media didn’t mention the nationality of the two dead Muslims. However, most Americans came to the conclusion this attack was probably carried out by Muslim jihadis since there were no reports about the description shooters who was killed.

America dodged a bullet on this one. But many of us wondered for split second if President Trump would be tweeting about yet another relic of the Obama Era.

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