Tomi Lahren Reaches Fast Settlement in Lawsuit Against Glenn Beck and The Blaze

Tomi Lahren Reaches Fast Settlement in Lawsuit Against Glenn Beck and The Blaze

At the start of the year, Tomi Lahren was hot. Discovered by Glenn Beck, he thrust her into the spotlight. In short order, people considered Lahren one of the leading young conservatives. A rising star. But is she really?

Her ascension was quick, but her fall may be even quicker.

Tomi Lahren reaches fast settlement #KevinJacksonLahren did what few in Conservative circles tend to do. She appeared on Leftist shows.

Lahren was a guest on Trevor Noah’s show, where she took a more subdued approach to politics. Gone was her fiery wit.  She caught a lot of flack from her fans, and likely even more from those on the Left.

Next, she appeared on The View in March. This turned out to be her most controversial appearance.

During that interview, Lahren backtracked on her views regarding abortion. The conservative spent months calling herself a pro-lifer, and as she did on Noah’s show, she pivoted.

According to Lahren,

“I am someone that’s for limited government. So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government, but I think the government should decide what women should do with their bodies. … You know what? I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

The Black Sphere pointed out the fallacy in Lahren’s point of view:

Funding abortions with taxpayer’s dollars is not limited government; it’s Leftist activism that dares to lecture Conservatives about financial obligations. Simply put: if women want to murder their own children, the least they could do is not ask Conservative to pay for it.

The Blaze put Lahren on suspension, however, she resigned shortly thereafter and initiated a lawsuit.

The Blaze fired back, suing Lahren.

Lightening Fast Settlement:

A mere six weeks later, the matter is settled. However, no mention of cash can be found.

It is likely this number is not large at all. Lahren achieved notoriety because of The Blaze, and I suspect she understands that her future success is due to the network, regardless of this outcome.

What we do know is Lahren got her Facebook followers, and that appeared to be what she was after for the most part.

As the Dallas News reports:

The deal allows the 24-year-old pundit to be freed from her employment contract — which was to expire in September — and pursue new work that competes with The Blaze. She also gets to keep the Facebook page that The Blaze created for her, and on which she has amassed 4.3 million followers.

Lahren will “promptly” return The Blaze’s “intellectual property” that was posted to the Facebook page, said her lawyer, Brian Lauten. In court hearings, Lauten had offered to delete all of the videos produced by The Blaze off the Facebook page, which would include some of Lahren’s most popular posts. Some had been watched more than 67 million times.

“Ms. Lahren is relieved to have this litigation behind her,” Lauten said in a statement. “She looks forward to connecting with her audience and fan base on the pressing political issues facing our country in the days to come.”

Getting her fan base was a smart move, even if it likely cost her a pretty penny.

Having 4+ million fans collected is a big deal, and not something a person wants to begin anew. If Lahren writes a book about her “misadventures,” she has a built-in base. The same is true in pitching a show.

And you can bet that Lahren is pitching a show.

Her problem may be that she has a limited number of people to pitch. FOX has openings, and I certainly wouldn’t rule FOX out. They like her demographic. However, they may see what I see. Lahren doesn’t know who she is, and thus is difficult to control editorially.

Lahren is not ready for anything significant at CNN. Further, she would be crazy to accept a job at MSNBC.



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