The mainstream media’s habit of deception has reached epidemic proportions.

In an effort to weed through the parade of anti-Trump false narratives, we are posting The Top 5 Media Lies of the week.

Media Lie #1 – Ivanka Trump is worse than the Clinton Foundation

The Wall Street Journal wrote that Ivanka Trump floated an idea for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to donate $100 million to a World Bank fund that benefits female entrepreneurs. This pro-women idea was announced at an event that Ivanka attended.

But that’s not how Rebecca Ballhaus reported the story.

Instead, she falsely claimed that the World Bank fund belonged to Ivanka. Then she alleged collusion between the Saudis, UAE, and Ivanka in a pay-to-play scandal akin to Clinton Foundation fraud.

The false spin went viral because liberal “journalists” don’t see the need to verify any “dirt” regarding the Trumps.

Media Lie #2 – Steve Bannon Has Zero Military Experience

Earlier this week, PBS Frontline director Michael Kirk appeared on CNN to promote his anti-Trump documentary, “Bannon’s War.”

During the interview, Kirk falsely claimed that Trump advisor and seven-year Navy veteran Steve Bannon had NO military experience.

Top Five anti-Trump Media LiesIn response to a question about Bannon’s credibility, Kirk said:

“You also didn’t mention that Trump … also removed Bannon from the National Security Council, where he really didn’t belong based on his credentials. He’d never been in the military.”

This information is too easy to verify for responsible journalists not to check.

Media Lie #3 – President Trump Shared Classified Military Information with the Philippines

Notorious fake news spreader BuzzFeed now alleges that President Trump “revealed” the ultra-classified “secret” location of two U.S. submarines to, of all people, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

Leave it to BuzzFeed to turn a diplomatic conversation into a scandal:

“The Pentagon Can’t Believe Trump Told another President about Nuclear Subs near North Korea”

Too bad it was a total lie. As it turns out, the supposedly classified information had already been released by the Navy in a public statement a month before.

So much for journalistic integrity and verification of the facts.

Media Lie #4 – ICE is rounding up Illegal Alien 4th Graders

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s press secretary tweeted fake news that ICE terrorized a 4th grader with illegal alien status.

In order to bolster the fake news narrative, the NY Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina weighed in:

“All students, regardless of immigration status, are welcome in NYC public schools, and parents should rest assured that we will do everything on our power to protect students, staff and families.”

The truth is, ICE never went to that school. Immigration fraud investigators did. They wanted to verify a child’s enrollment to get his parents an immigration benefit. Upon verifying non-enrollment, they left.

In today’s 24-hour news cycle, I guess no one is paid quite enough to report actual facts.

Media Lie #5 – President Trump shared Classified Information with Russia

Some reports falsely claimed that U.S. officials accused President Trump of sharing highly classified information with the Russians. I wonder why so many false accusations come from anonymous sources.

Top Five anti-Trump Media LiesBut as the Gospel of John reminds us, the Truth shall make you free. Here are some facts:

  • The president can declassify or share information whenever he wants to.
  • Information sharing between nations is a daily occurrence.
  • The only person(s) who broke the law re the Trump meeting with the Russians was whoever took these lies to the New York Times.

Now that we’ve cleared up this week’s media lies, it’s time to read some actual news.

The Black Sphere has you covered.

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