TRUMP: NOT SO HAPPY Cinco de Mayo for ILLEGAL Mexicans

TRUMP: NOT SO HAPPY Cinco de Mayo for ILLEGAL Mexicans

For the first time in quite some time, Americans can celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Until the Era of Trump, Mexican nationals took the 5th of May, aka Cinco de Mayo to rub their illegal status in our faces.

However, this year those banditos are scared. And it’s long overdue.

Bolstered by America-hating Leftists, Mexican nationals in the United States illegally pretend to believe they have the rights of citizens. Actually, their rights have been better. Just recently, “sanctuary city” leaders (criminal terrorists in my opinion) have declared openly that in order to keep illegals out of the prying eye of Immigration Customs Enforcement, they will reduce their sentences.

One can only conclude that if an illegal commits another deportable offense, like rape or murder, the law in these cities will overlook their transgressions in order to thumb their noses at sane America.

Regardless, illegals know that the Trump Era feels different. And it is.

Already border crossings are down 73% over last year. That will only get better, as we reported earlier this year:

The month of March saw a stunning 67% decrease in illegal U.S.-Mexico border crossings, according to former border commissioner David V. Aguilar.

What’s more, Trump’s results keep improving.

The March decline almost doubled from the 40% drop in illegal border crossings through February. These numbers demonstrate that President Trump’s policies make America safe

But the real issue is one of attitude.

We chronicled that fear of Trump caused the largest Cinco de Mayo parade to be canceled.

¡Madre de Dios! Did American enforcement of its laws rain on their parade? Bueno. That’s how the law works.

When will the Left learn that Trump meant what he said and will do what he promised?

The only thing illegal aliens have to fear is how many crimes they commit on U.S. soil.

ICE agents don’t have time to break up a parade. They’re too busy arresting illegal gang bangers who rape and murder American citizens. Nevertheless, The Hill reports that El Carnaval de Puebla, the biggest Cinco de Mayo celebration in Philadelphia, will not happen this year. Those who plan it say President Trump is the reason.

Edgar Ramirez told NBC that as many as 15,000 people gather for the annual parade. The decision was “sad but responsible” amid reports of more immigration enforcement arrests by ICE.

How funny is that? Illegals who openly thwart American laws and carry protest signs on the backdrop of the Mexican flag, are now too “pollo” to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Frankly, I’m happy to see that people who have broken our laws can no longer rub it in our faces.

Next year, Americans can perhaps join our fellow citizens of Mexican heritage and toast to their amazing contributions to this country.



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