Trump-Hating Woman RUNS OVER HUSBAND After Learning This

Trump-Hating Woman RUNS OVER HUSBAND After Learning This

Take warnings about leftists seriously. They are highly dangerous people.

No matter how much the Left pretends to want tolerance, ergo peace and harmony, don’t believe them.

woman runs over husbandLeftists are the most dangerous people on the planet no matter where they live. Prisons around the world are full of leftists. Those that are not in prison, are only a hair-trigger away from going.

You’ve watched them protest President Trump’s election. Then, you’ve seen them burn Berkeley over the free speech rights of conservatives.

For the Left, agree with them or die.

According to World Net Daily,

A Californian woman severely injured her husband by hitting him at great speed with her SUV, after he confessed that he had voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election.

Tania Whitmore, a devoted militant for the Hillary Clinton campaign, allegedly used her Ford Escape SUV to trample her husband, Darrell Johnson, after he told her that he’d voted for Trump.

Investigators believe that her vehicle was going at more than 65 miles per hour when it hit Mr Johnson, around 7:30 this morning. After the collision, it changed direction and ended up crashing into a large tree.

How the heck did this conversation even come up? It’s been over 3 months, since the election.

Were the two arguing, and the man admitted his guilt? To get a woman to DefCon1 the average guy might just say, “Yes, I slept with your BEST FRIEND! HA!”

But this guy says, “HA! I voted for Trump!”

The article continues,

Officers of the San Diego Police Department rapidly arrived on the site, and were fortunately able to arrest her before she had time to finish her spouse.

“I’d forgiven him for cheating on me with both my sister and my best friend, but this was too much!” she shouted after her arrest. “The jerk deserved to die!”

SEE! No matter how attractive a leftist woman may appear, she’s just one revelation from killing you!

Luckily, the woman’s husband was rapidly transported to the UC San Diego Health Center, where he remains in a critical but stable condition.

According to this doctor, the man suffers from severe internal bleeding, a perforated lung, six broken ribs and eleven other bone fractures. Moreover, his condition is reported as stable, something his wife certainly is not. Thankfully, his doctors no longer fear for his life.

And you can bet there are leftists who wish this man had been killed. Voting for Trump for some leftists is worthy of the death penalty. Although Mr. Johnson survived, his life has changed forever.

As much as I detested Obama, there is nobody I would have hit with an SUV at 65 mph to make my point.

Again, leftists have trained their people like Manchurian candidates. They can snap at any moment, and on a moment’s notice. There is no discussion this couple could have had that should have garnered such a reaction. Yet, here we are with a story nobody would believe in the “real world.”

This story proves that the real wars in this country are being waged by leftists against conservatives. And they wonder why they lost the election? Who would have dare admitted to supporting Trump, when you know people like this crazy chick are out there!

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