Trump’s Wall Protects Much More than Just American Citizens

Trump’s Wall Protects Much More than Just American Citizens

Think drugs are the only thing smugglers sneak in to the United States?

In addition to drugs and illegal aliens, there is a huge market for wildlife smuggling across the Mexican border. Back in the 1980s, Mexican conservation groups started making noise to bring light to the situation.

The New York Times reported:

The ”plundering” of bird, reptile and feline species on the verge of extinction has reached ”scandalous levels” here because of the ”inexplicable apathy” and ”indifference of the competent authorities.” American officials, while reluctant to blame their Mexican counterparts, say Mexico has become a clearinghouse for trafficking in rare and endangered species from as far away as Southeast Asia.

”Mexico is just an open door,” Jerome S. Smith, [then] deputy chief of the Division of Law Enforcement at the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, said in a telephone interview from Washington. ”With a border that is extremely long, basically unprotected and easy to cross, it’s like a funnel pouring wildlife, skins and other animal products into the United States.”

Mr. Smith said the value of the traffic in rare and endangered wildlife between the United States and foreign countries was $300 million to $400 million a year [in 1987]. He said Mexico was ”the major source of the smuggled wildlife” entering the United States and was active in illegal shipments of protected species. Shipments go to Western Europe and the Middle East.

Sadly, in the thirty years since, not much has changed.

But when it comes to getting votes or killing species, leftists err on the side of votes. And recent charges filed in San Diego prove just how prevalent this poaching industry still is.

As the Denver Post stated:

Charges against a father-son partnership for allegedly smuggling more than $17 million worth of sea cucumbers to the United States and exporting them to Asia sheds light on a growing and lucrative illegal cross-border trade.

David Mayorquin and his father, Ramon Torres Mayorquin, are accused of a scheme to buy the illegally harvested animals from poachers in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. They paid for them under fake names and underestimate their weight and value to inspectors at San Diego’s Otay Mesa border crossing, across from Tijuana, Mexico. From San Diego, they allegedly shipped the product to Asia, including China, where they are delicacies in Chinese dishes, prized for medicinal value and considered an aphrodisiac.

Border inspectors have spotted smuggled Mexican sea cucumbers for years. However, the charges against the Mayorquins’ family business, Blessings Inc. of Tucson, Arizona, are striking for the multi-ton shipments. Authorities say they sell for $300 to $500 a kilogram in Asia, helping explain the draw for poachers and smugglers.

This alone should have every liberal rethinking their stance on Trump’s wall.

Don’t leftists claim animal protection as a core value?

If I’m not mistaken, PETA values the lives of animals over humans.

Republicans should seize on this as a strategy. Trump might remove the wall from Border Patrol and put it under the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Then he could call in a big name liberal to make the sell.

One name comes to mind. Pamela Anderson: animal rights activist.

Anderson officially endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, and insisted that the president is “sexy.” That might have been a little flirting to help her case to legalize marijuana, something she personally asked President Obama to do.

But the bulk of Anderson’s considerable political energy goes to our furry little friends. She’s been a longtime spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Anderson urges people to give up eating meat, to stop wearing fur. She also protests KFC’s treatment of chickens, among other things. In 2003, Anderson was awarded the first ever Linda McCartney Memorial Award for outstanding service to the cause of animal rights.

It all seems to amount to a deep respect for nature and life for Anderson. In fact, she extends her concern for these things to humans and the earth as well. Anderson once said:

“You know, I always feel like human beings are an endangered species. I feel like we all have to really understand and protect the world, protect our oceans, protect, you know, so many things, and I’m just so passionate about those things.”

Pamela tends to move around where men are concerned.

Rumor is, she has developed an affection for President Trump.

I guess once you go black, you find yourself looking for a white billionaire? Once you go black, you want a competent white president?

One thing is for sure, America needs a wall to protect its people and its wildlife.


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