BREAKING: TWO DEAD After Shooting at North Lake College in Texas

BREAKING: TWO DEAD After Shooting at North Lake College in Texas

More of that Obama Era love still permeates the air.

One thing Donald Trump can definitely say he inherited from Obama is shootings at schools. And we have yet another. 

According to WFAA:

IRVING — Police are on the scene of an active shooter at North Lake College in the Las Colinas area of Irving.

Irving police have confirmed that shots were fired on the campus Wednesday just before noon, but there has been no word yet if anyone was hit.

One witness told WFAA that they saw police officers with high-powered rifles going room-to-room. Students were seen running out of the school with their hands up, the witness said.

Another student named Mike spoke to WFAA and said he heard people yelling in a hallway, and a man entered the room he was in, turned off the lights and locked the door. He also heard police officers telling people to get down. He said officers then entered the room and had students leave with their hands over their heads.

Campus shootings are practically epidemic during the time of Obama. Yet, the press never covered the topic to my knowledge.

Troy Duran wrote of one shooting,

Dear Mr. President:

We all recoiled today, shocked like an ice-cold splash in the face as news of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon washed through our social feeds. I say “we” colloquially. “We”, as in we who first felt horror at breaking news of an active shooter.

We, who said a silent prayer for the terrified victims who might at that very moment be running for their lives, bleeding and gasping on polished tile floors – or numbly waiting for the gunman to turn to them after calmly asking their neighbor: “Which religion?” before summarily executing whoever answered, “Christian”.

We, whose hearts cracked as our thoughts turned to the victims’ loved ones, some who could not at the moment possibly know whether they would weep with relief or soul-shattering despair as they searched the crowd of students and faculty who managed to escape the kill zone. Each of us grieved in our own ways, thinking of how devastated we would be, losing someone we love so suddenly, so violently, so senselessly.

You, Mr. President, in contrast stepped behind your podium to lecture America in the James Brady Press Briefing room – chosen, no doubt, for the symbolism of the man in whose name the last sweeping gun control law was passed. Within moments of the shooting, before any details could possibly be ascertained, you chastised us, saying:

“Our thoughts and prayers are not enough. It’s not enough.”

When it comes to mass shootings, Obama takes the cake.

I wrote about the number at the time, as follows:

There have been 16 mass shootings since Obama became president. Perhaps Obama is the reason behind the epidemic of mass shootings.

We know that suicides are at an all-time high during the reign of the boy who would be king. The anti-war, anti-military, purveyor of hope has ushered in an Era of Hopelessness.

If you live in an urban indoctrination center, then you live in a war zone.

America witnesses another remnant of the worst period in American history. Hopefully, these tragedies will become fewer and fewer.

Hope will soon be restored to the nation. And so will law and order.


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