Leftists Jump to Conclusions Again: “He’s Got A Gun!”

Leftists Jump to Conclusions Again: “He’s Got A Gun!”

This is why we need to have real men in Congress.

So we can just say, ‘Let them go at it!’

A Chuck Norris-style throw-down almost happened in the Texas State legislature last week. And the mainstream media would have you believe gun-totting, out-of-control Republicans are the problem. But, there’s far more to the story.

And, as Texas Governor Greg Abbot indicated, it’s all about law enforcement.

“Isn’t it quasi-insane that we have to pass a law to force law enforcement officers to comply with the law?”

More than 1,000 protesters filled the Texas State House chamber on Memorial Day to express outrage at the newly passed anti-Sanctuary City law.

SB4 forces local and college compliance with federal immigration laws, by reporting illegal aliens to ICE. Failure to comply brings harsh civil and criminal penalties.

As Obama would say, “This is common sense legislation.” Moreover, this is extraneous legislation that shouldn’t be needed. Only bonehead, brain-dead leftists would try to pass laws to help illegals.

Yet, the disruptive behavior of protesters forced the 20-minute suspension of the House session while Texas state troopers physically removed small groups of them.

Many of the protesters proudly displayed their status as illegals, carrying signs that read:

“I’m illegal and I’m here to stay.”

If you announce to the world that you’re a lawbreaker, you shouldn’t be surprised when you face legal consequences. And that’s what Republican lawmaker Matt Rinaldi did. He reported the illegals to ICE.

Rinaldi commented how House Democrats “bragged about how great it was and then incited [protesters] to break the House rules and break Texas law.”

Because Rinaldi reported the illegals, two Hispanic congressmen (both Democrats) threatened his life.

Leftists Jump to Conclusions Rep. Ramon Romero, Jr. threatened and physically shoved Rinaldi repeatedly. Others tried to get between the two, but tempers flared hot.

Then, Rep. Poncho Nevarez threatened Rinaldi’s life, twice indicating he’d jump the Republican in the parking lot.

Frankly, I’d like to see these two anti-American, illegals-supporters thrown out of the Texas House and arrested for sedition.

Rinaldi responded to the threats, saying he’d use his gun if necessary to protect himself. He certainly would have had every right to shoot these turncoats.

What’s interesting is what was NOT reported.

Fueled by Democrats’ one-sided narratives of their own bravado, MSM outlets only covered half the story.

The Washington Post and CBS both claimed that Rinaldi instigated the violence by threatening to shoot Democrats. That’s some spin.

And it was helped by a Democrat outcry that sounds reminiscent of complaints against Trump. Liberals’ basic strategy is to ignore their own behavior and deflect blame to the real victims: Republicans.

Anti-Law Enforcement Reaction by Democrats:

Romero, who started the shoving match, generalized Republicans as racist:

“Rinaldi saw the crowd and he saw illegals.”

Yes, he did. He saw the brazen attitude of trespassers who publicly self-identified with their signs. Rinaldi upheld the law, and Democrat lawbreakers wanted to crack his head for doing so.

Rep. Justin Rodriguez claimed Rinaldi escalated the situation:

“There was a threat made by Rep. Rinaldi to put a bullet in one of my colleague’s head.”

Rodriguez omitted the instigating factor that Nevarez’ threatened Rinaldi’s life.

Neither did Rodriguez mention that liberal pal, Romero, physically assaulted Rinaldi in front of dozens of witnesses.

The GOP lawmaker’s reaction was one of self-defense.

Nevarez later copped to this inconvenient truth:

“I did shove him around a little. I did push him because he needed to get out of there.”

Nevarez then had the nerve to justify his physical assault of Rinaldi:

“Of course you don’t want things like that to happen on the House floor. But again, guys like [Rinaldi] think they can say whatever they want with impunity. And at some point, there’s going to be a repercussion and a reckoning. And I think he bears responsibility for that.”

Actually, the First Amendment gives Rinaldi (and all Americans) the right to speak with impunity. No matter how many SJWs try to shut down free speech on the right.

Think about the implication of what this Democrat just said.

Leftists Jump to Conclusions A Republican upheld federal law by calling ICE to report self-admitted illegal aliens. That made Democrat Nevarez so angry that he tried to forcibly remove a sitting GOP lawmaker from the House floor.

As a direct result of those threats, Rinaldi is currently under the protection of the Department of Public Safety.

Another liberal race-baiter, Rep. Cesar Blanco, accused Texas Republicans of racism.

“It is rumored that many other Republicans called ICE. And they don’t know if those folks [protesters] are U.S. citizens or not. They were just brown. … We’ve got to make sure we hold politicians accountable who say these hateful things.”

Don’t be surprised if you see some leftists holding Rinaldi’s bloody severed head up as a prop.

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