Leftists continue cashing in on the nonsense of white privilege.

And liberal colleges all over the U.S. happily contribute to their racist rhetoric.

People travel from all over the world to come to America for a shot at a great education. We have some of the most prestigious, and highest-rated colleges and universities in the world. Yet, every year the quality of our schools gets watered down with idiotic leftist ideologies.

And when you think wackademia couldn’t get any crazier, it obliges.Now colleges offer classes to help students reduce their white privilege.

Actually, that class began at enrollment for white kids. The colleges have already indoctrinated white parents, who gladly write checks to send their young adults to a high-priced insane asylum. The colleges oblige by returning young adults home as toddlers.

Case in point, Western Washington University.

The university hosted a workshop recently that aims to “reduce the impact of white privilege on social and academic relations.”

How the LEFT keeps Racism AliveWhite professor Randall Jimerson hosts the seminar.

“I think the harmful effects of ‘white privilege’ are that it can reflect an insensitivity to the subtle effects of both racism and lack of awareness of the differences between how people of color and people called ‘white’ are treated in everyday life,” Jimerson told The College Fix via email. “Not being aware that other people face daily, often subtle, discrimination can make white people insensitive to these debilitating effects.”

If racism is something that is taught, then why do colleges and their professors feel the need to keep teaching it to its students?

And exactly where is racism taught? Because I know a lot of black families who teach racism, but I see no classes on the subject.

Racism is defined as a belief system that one race is either superior or inferior to another. By teaching “white privilege, the university teaches both flawed systems.

Jimerson said that “white privilege” and racism aren’t based on “biology, but social constructs historically designed.”

Kevin Jackson says,

“To believe in white privilege, whites must believe themselves superior, and blacks must believe they are inferior. The very premise of “white privilege” is racist.”

Yet, leftists’ best solution to fighting racism is to target whites with “white privilege.”

Here’s a suggestion: teach blacks they are NOT inferior.

Of course, this makes sense to conservatives.

However, contrary to their slogans, the Left doesn’t want peace and harmony. It’s not good for business.

The alt-Left claim they’re for equality. They waive their stronger together and love trumps hate banners, while constantly shoving racism in peoples’ faces.

These race-baiters thrive and profit from stirring up divisions, which multiply exponentially wherever liberals congregate.

When asked his opinion of the current state of American race relations, compared to the ’60s, Jimerson responded:

“As a white male – even though I have a sister-in-law, a niece, and two nephews who would be described as persons of color – I do not think that I can provide a clear answer to this question.

Or perhaps he doesn’t want to?

He just confessed that he has no idea what he’s talking about.

Jimerson continued:

“The nature of race relations, and how this has changed in the past 50 years, is something that I can only sense indirectly.”


But, if he believes that, why is he teaching a class on race? Because, that’s where the money is. So what he doesn’t know anything about his subject. He’s not teaching math or science, just social engineering.

And when did leftists judge for good results? Nigg…I mean, “Negro Please!”


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