Army Veteran Takes Down Bank Robber [VIDEO]

Army Veteran Takes Down Bank Robber [VIDEO]

One guy busted into Bank of America and pointed a gun at two kids. Then he learned a lesson about “Army Strong“.

Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples visited the Bank of America in Sarasota, Florida. veteran takes down bank robber #KevinJacksonHis two children were sitting quietly in the lobby when a gunman barged in. At first, Sgt. Peoples and his children thought it was some kind of joke.

When the children laughed, the gunman turned to look at them.

Sgt. Peoples did exactly what every parent hopes they are able to do. He made sure his children were safe.

Peoples instructed his children to get under the chairs. Next, the veteran barricaded his sons with furniture. The gunman grabbed his sack of cash and took off.

Moments later, Sgt. Peoples created another barricade. This time, he blocked the gunman in the parking lot, leaving him with nowhere to escape.


As ABC News Reports:

As the bank robber left, Peoples got into his white van and followed. He sped across the bank’s parking lot until he reached the back of the suspect’s getaway car and pinned his front bumper to the suspect’s back bumper.

“If I could buy the police a little bit of time that’s what I was going to do,” Peoples said on “GMA.” “This guy was potentially very dangerous.”

The two men entered a standoff in their vehicles, but when no shots were fired, the two eventually came face to face.

“I fully expected at least two shots through my windshield,” said Peoples. “When that didn’t happen I got out of the van and was immediately greeted by a handgun to my face.”

Peoples made a move he learned from his Army training, grabbing the suspect’s hand and twisting the gun away.

“He put the gun at my forehead,” Peoples, who’s served in both Iraq and Kuwait, said as he demonstrated the move on “GMA.” “But I grabbed him and twisted his arm and then I could grab the weapon and hit him with it.”

“He didn’t want any more after that.”

This was a dangerous move, and one I wouldn’t recommend anybody do.

The gunman had his money, and nobody was hurt. 

The article continues,

With loose money flying around the parking lot, Sarasota deputies arrived on the scene and arrested Rogers. The gun ended up being a replica.

Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight presented Peoples with a certificate of recognition.

But it was the adoration, and safety, of his sons that mattered most to the Army hero turned real-life hero, in their young eyes.

“I think he’s like Batman,” 6-year-old Ikaika said on “GMA,” of his father.

“Every time I go out [to war] I say ‘Daddy’s going to fight the bad guys,'” Peoples explained. “So when I came back in [from the robbery] they asked, ‘Daddy, did you get the bad guy?'”

“Yeah, I got him,” Peoples told his sons when he returned to the bank.

His actions garnered not just a hero’s welcome from his sons, but also the still-shocked but now appreciative, and safe, crowd of bank employees and customers gathered inside the bank with Peoples’ sons.

The Sarasota police were equally appreciative, and so impressed by Peoples’ heroic actions they offered him a position with the department anytime he wants, something he told “GMA” he will seriously consider.

Whether or not he joins the police force, this is exactly the kind of guy we need on our streets.

Peoples used his military training to protect others even when he was off-duty. He proved willing to put the safety of others ahead of his own needs.

The Army gave him a much-deserved Medal of Valor for his actions. Hopefully, he sent a clear message to the would-be criminals of the world that some people won’t sit idly by as crimes are committed.



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