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Video Footage of Manchester Terror Attack and ISIS Response

Sheer pandemonium when ISIS attacked innocent people in Manchester.

Listen as children scream, scared for their very lives.

As we all know by now, 22 people were killed, and 59 injured.

And here is one of the ISIS cowards explaining that they are finished.


And here we thought  after Boston, no San Bernar…no PARIS, they were finished?

Have you looked at the terror attacks by decade?

In the 70s, the only terror attack took place in Saudi Arabia. In that attack The Grand Mosque was attacked. 240 people were killed and 180 wounded.

In the 80s, 657 people were killed 303 wounded in less than a dozen attacks. The largest attack of this decade was at the Marine barracks in Beirut where 307 Marines were killed and 75 wounded. The countries of attack were the usual suspects. Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, and other Middle Easter countries. Hardly a decade goes by without an attack on Israel.

Even European countries were not immune, as Denmark and Spain.

By the 90s, Islamic attacks begin to escalate. There were almost 3 dozen attacks, and the total carnage for the decade came to 1049 killed and 7,757 wounded. As you can see, things have begun to ratchet up quite a bit. The list of countries has grown significantly as well.

China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and many other have now joined the list of countries who come under attack.

So let’s recap.

Decade  People Killed   People Wounded   # of Countries attacked

70’s                       240                        180                                      1

80s                        657                        303                                      9

90s                     1,049                     7,757                                    19

By the new millennium, they stopped measuring terror attacks by decade and began measuring by year.

In 2001 alone there were 4687 deaths by Islamic terrorist and 13,500+ wounded. 

So in one year more people were killed and wounded by Islamic terrorist than in the modern era. The largest attack occurred in America, as the World Trade Center buildings were targeted. 2996 people died, and over 6000 were wounded.

In 2002, 821 people were killed, 2897+ were wounded.

In 2004, 1066 people were killed, and 4016 were wounded.

The list of countries grows and the number of attacks rises with deaths and wounded varying, but nevertheless numerous.

Only a fool would ignore what’s happening here.

Decade after decade, the threat of Islamic terror has grown. The number of attacks in a decade are now done in a single year. 

The number of countries where attacks occur have risen geometrically, the number now well over 40.

There is a very simple explanation for all of this.


The concept of multiculturalism has been planted all over the world. So, for countries to feel politically correct, they usher in Muslims.

Muslims inhabit almost every civilized country.

They have spread terror to every continent except Antarctica. And you can bet if there were non-Muslim humans on that continent, it too would eventually fall prey to Islamic terror.

But are Muslim countries held to the same standard?

According to Pew Forum,

While Muslims are found on all five inhabited continents, more than 60% of the global Muslim population is in Asia and about 20% is in the Middle East and North Africa. However, the Middle East-North Africa region has the highest percentage of Muslim-majority countries. Indeed, more than half of the 20 countries and territories1 in that region have populations that are approximately 95% Muslim or greater.

What do you think the Left would say if Sweden were 95% Swede? What if America were 95% white? Negro please! America isn’t 50% white and Leftists freak out.

So why don’t these racist sanctimonious white-hating pieces of crap care about Muslim countries being almost monolithically Arab?

This is the question you should ask every Leftist you meet.

Ask them what is there obsession with white people.

Of the 61 million refugees around the world–the most in the history of the world–the overwhelming majority are Muslims leaving their home countries. These people are not resettling in Muslim countries, but in countries where the predominant group are non-Muslims and particularly white.

Given what I have reported about the escalation of violence when Muslims come, it’s easy to see how the world has put itself on a death spiral. How much longer can we continue?

Will Muslim attacks need to occur monthly at the frequency they occur now yearly? Then weekly?

In the 70s no American would have imagined that terror would escalate to where you don’t feel safe at a concert. Or a cafe? We would never have predicted so many attacks on America soil, or that there exists an Islamic terror cell in all 50 states.

But such is the case.






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