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WATCH: Black Republican’s EPIC response to Trump NATO “Shove”

WATCH: Black Republican’s EPIC response to Trump NATO “Shove”

The MSM tried to shame President Trump last week for pushing his way to the front of a gathering of NATO leaders.

But, while liberals condemned American “rudeness,” conservatives cheered our new America First president.

And this black conservative blogger is no exception.

Last week, President Trump b*tch slapped NATO leaders on their own turf.

Of the 28 NATO nations who pledged to pay into the common defense fund, only four actually paid what they promised.

And Trump called them out as deadbeats. Directly to their faces. On live television.

As Trump supporter and enthusiastic Trump cheerleader Henry Davis indicates, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

“I haven’t shaved. I haven’t gotten myself camera ready. But I’ve got to do a video. Did you all see President Trump push his a$$ out the way?!?!  AAAHHHH HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH HAAAA!!!”

As the NATO member nation leaders gathered in Brussels for a summit, Trump muscled his way past Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro to stand closer to NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg.

Montenegro isn’t yet a NATO member. So, why would they be on the stage at all, let alone in front of everyone else?

Trump made clear that their long-standing financial debts are completely unacceptable.

Further, that defaults are wholly unfair to their NATO allies who pay more than their fair share, especially the United States.

Blogger Davis was so overjoyed at Trump’s alpha male move, he narrated a full-on recap, ghetto style:

Black Republican's EPIC response“I’m frying some chicken, right. And I hear in the background:

[In an Announcer Voice] – ‘A video that has gone viral. President Trump had pushed the NATO leader.’

“I looked on the TV. Man, here he is. He walking with the NATO leader. After Donald Trump done invited. All of them got together, right. And our Trump done talking about their a$$ real bad, right. And Trump told them how they need to pay their fair share. And what not. HAH. HAH.”

In the middle of his rant, Davis theorized that the NATO leaders were trash-talking Trump’s speech. In addition, that the shove was pay back.

“You know he’s talking about Trump. You know he [NATO leaders] was probably talking about him. Talking bout him like, you know, ‘O, so bo ho so. Ho bo ho so bo.’ You know. Whatever he’s saying. Probably to call him low down. And, you know, this, that, and the other.”

Then came the awesome blow by blow!

“Trump walked up past his punk a$$. [Pantomimes a full body shove.] ‘Get you’re a$$ out the way!’

Or as Ludacris would say:

[Davis breaks into song] “Move, B*tch! Get Out Da Way! AHHHHH, HAH, HAH, HAH.

Next, this Trump admirer compared Trump’s gangsta move to the limp diplomatic wimp Obama.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH! Barack Obama would have never done no shit like that!”

The social media pundit finished off his rant with a final Trump cheer:

“Go TRUMP, baby! Go TRUMP, baby! Go TRUMP, baby! AAAAAAAHHHHH, HAH, HAH, HAH! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I’m talking about! Push his punk a$$ out the way!


In addition to the initial clip of Trump’s shove going viral, this pro-Trump cheerleader’s rant went viral, as well.

Go TRUMP, baby!

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