White House Weeds Out Another Obama Leftover

White House Weeds Out Another Obama Leftover

Angella Reid thought she had job security. After all, she is a black woman. How could President Trump let her go?

Nevertheless, today the first woman to hold the position of Chief Usher in the White House was ushered out.

As the Washington Post reported:

During Friday’s daily briefing with reporters, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the deputy White House press secretary, said that the deputy usher will serve as the acting usher.

“She is no longer employed here at the White House,” Sander said when asked about Reid’s departure. “We left on very good terms and wish her the very best and certainly hope for great things for her in the future. However, it’s not uncommon you might have a transition of staff when a new administration comes in. It’s nothing more than that.”

That might be the official story, but I’m going to throw a little speculation out there. Chief Usher is usually a job held for many years. Only 9 people have served in the position to date. Typically a staff member of this caliber is expected to handle the transition of Presidents seamlessly. However, Reid’s ties to Obama most certainly led to her dismissal.

Recently President Trump was asked how things are going with former president Obama. The president commented that at first things seemed to go smoothly. However, President Trump alluded that he now has a different opinion of Obama.

Why trust any Obama holdovers?The Chief Usher has intricate and intimate knowledge of the first family and how they live their lives. Trump has already experienced sabotage at the White House. Therefore, he needs a staff that exudes loyalty first and foremost.

Trump understands that draining the swamp may begin at home.

Trump is used to the business world where loyalty occurs a bit more frequently.

I’m sure he’s learned the hard way that there is no loyalty with the Obama holdovers. These people will smile in your face, as they plot to cut your throat.

Nevertheless, in the firing of the Chief Usher, the Left didn’t disappoint. They screamed racism, like trained seals.

“It’s because she’s black!” they proclaim.

Yell as they wish, but the fact is this lady got a temporary reprieve. It was only a matter of time before her role was eventually been filled by a trusted Trump staffer.

And, although Trump is famous for issuing final termination with his signature “You’re Fired!”, he was actually in New Jersey when Reid’s dismissal occurred.


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