World’s Dumbest Criminal Confesses in front of MS Police [VIDEO]

World’s Dumbest Criminal Confesses in front of MS Police [VIDEO]

Seems that leftist reporters now help police solicit confessions from murder suspects.

That’s what happened in Lincoln County, Mississippi today.

A domestic dispute that escalated into a shooting rampage Sunday morning in the Magnolia state left 8 people dead, including a sheriff’s deputy.

The alleged suspect is Cory Godbolt, a black man who evaded police for several hours. He killed people at three separate locations during this time.

When finally caught, this idiot confessed, on camera, while surrounded by police.


Who solicited that confession? A sympathetic liberal reporter, just trying to understand this BLM wannabe.

According to a Lincoln County police BOLO (Be On the Lookout) issued earlier today, Willie Cory Godbolt murdered multiple people before escaping with a black male teenage hostage.

In an attempt to escape capture, the suspect changed vehicles multiple times.

So, he obviously didn’t want to die or go to jail.

Yet, that’s exactly what he claimed was his goal when questioned: to be killed by police.

After multiple law enforcement agencies arrested Godbolt, he sat on the side of the road in handcuffs as reporter Therese Apel solicited his confession.

First, the suspect claimed he didn’t target the Lincoln County sheriff.

Godbolt – “My pain wasn’t desired for him (the sheriff). He was just there.”

Apel – “So you’re saying he was kind of collateral damage?”

Next, he explained why those who called police are responsible for the sheriff’s death.

Godbolt – “We was talking. We was talking about me taking my children. And her auntie called the police. I was having a conversation with her step-daddy, and her momma, and her. My wife. About me taking my children home. And somebody called the officer. People that didn’t even live at the house. But that’s what they do. They intervene. They caused him his life. I’m sorry.”

Sounds like a Black Lives Matter poster boy, doesn’t he? ‘Someone is to blame for my actions.’ Or, ‘the devil made me do it.’

Finally, this evil loser tried to convince the American public that he wanted to be a martyr for the BLM cause.

Apel – “So, what’s next for you?”

Godbolt – “Jail. My intentions was to have ya’ll to kill me. I ran out of bullets.”

Apel – “It’s a good thing they showed mercy.”

Godbolt – “Suicide by Cop was my intention. I ain’t fit to live. Not after what I done. Not in ya’ll’s eyes. And not in nobody else’s eyes. But, but, but God. You know. He forgives you for everything.”

This is exactly why the BLM movement is so wrong.

Alt-Left blacks want to be killed so they can become BLM martyrs. Then they blame police (in furtherance of their cause) for the criminal behavior they choose to undertake.

Godbolt further claimed the reason he murdered 8 innocent victims this morning was that “he loved his wife and children and he loves Bogue Chitto.”

I don’t know about you, but shooting someone to death isn’t how I show my love for them.

This was a horrific crime.

And this idiot confessor may still get his wish to be killed by law enforcement. Mississippi has the death penalty for capital crimes.

It’s certainly true that this idiot’s reporter-induced confession will expedite the process.

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