If Barack Obama Had A Brother HE’D BE THIS TRAITOR

If Barack Obama Had A Brother HE’D BE THIS TRAITOR

Tairod Pugh, 49, became the first American citizen convicted on terrorism charges for trying to join ISIS.

Pugh represents the first conviction of 70 cases brought by the government against Americans accused of supporting ISIS.

The Justice Department arrested this New Jersey native after monitoring him for over a decade.

On January 10, 2015, this American traitor attempted to travel from Egypt to Turkey. His goal was to cross the Turkish border into Syria in order to join ISIS and engage in “jihad.” This was confirmed when authorities found a chart of crossing points between Turkey and Syria, where ISIS controls some territory, in Pugh’s possession.

Acting U.S. Attorney Bridget Rohde stated:

Vet Tried to Join ISIS #KevinJackson“The defendant turned his back on his country, and the military he once served, to attempt to join a brutally violent terrorist organization committed to the slaughter of innocent people throughout the world.”

In his luggage, this former aircraft mechanic carried a laptop and four flash drives without plastic casings. He planned to destroy the contents of each drive to escape the scrutiny of investigators.

In addition, Pugh carried solar-powered chargers, compasses, a black balaclava (typically worn by ISIS fighters), and other clothing suitable for Islamic jihadis.

Turkish authorities denied Pugh entry.

That forced him to return to Egypt. Once there, officials quickly deported Pugh back to the U.S.

From that point forward, he was on F.B.I. and Justice Department radar, monitored by an undercover agent posing as an airport employee that Pugh encountered at JFK.

Sadly, Pugh used his military training to turn on us. The Air Force taught him to install and maintain aircraft engines, as well as navigation and weapons systems. Then, he took every bit of his knowledge and used it against his country.

Obama’s Justice Department Dropped the Ball

Pugh spent years roaming free. 

By the time he was arrested, the vet had been on the government’s radar fVet Tried to Join ISIS #KevinJacksonor more than a decade.

Authorities knew he became radicalized years earlier. In fact, just after 9/11, Pugh told co-workers he sympathized with Bin Laden.

Pugh also declared that the nearly simultaneous 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were justified.

Given all this, it stands to reason that the government would have acted.

So, why didn’t Obama’s Justice Department arrest this ISIS wannabe?

That would be too easy. The evidence was overwhelming and right under their noses.

Investigators also discovered a letter on Pugh’s computer stating:

He wanted to “use the talents and skills given to me by Allah to establish and defend the Islamic States.”

In another letter that Pugh wrote just before leaving for Turkey, he said:

“I am a Mujahid. I am a sword against the oppressor and a shield for the oppressed…There is only 2 possible outcomes for me. Victory or Martyr.”

Pugh’s lucky he stood trial in the U.S. He despises the American way. Yet, he had the full benefit of our legal system.

Had he been prosecuted as a traitor by the Islamic State, his crimes would have earned him public beheading or hanging. Instead, he’ll spend the 35 years in federal prison.

Too bad radicalized citizens aren’t tried in the Islamic fashion they so love.

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