Another Paris Terror Attack: How Will Macron Respond

Another Paris Terror Attack: How Will Macron Respond

The French have been trained to accept terrorism.

And the election of Macron signaled that France wants more multiculturalization in the form of terror attacks.

So on the eve of their election for parliament positions, Paris was attacked again. According to reports, three people were severely burned and another slightly injured.

Imagine doing something as ordinary as going out to eat only to face a terror attack. Your crime? Enjoying life.

That’s what happened to patrons at a restaurant in Paris, as attackers tossed a Molotov cocktail inside the restaurant. People were literally set ablaze.

It’s unsure how many people were injured or even killed. This is the tweet that brought the news to my attention.

What we can report is paramedics airlifted three victims to the hospital after the blaze.

Obviously worse than it might sound, the fire caused smoke to engulf the building, which is located in the Aubervilliers area of Paris.

One of the reasons we haven’t gotten definitive numbers on the killed or injured relates to the smoke. According to the French newspaper, Le Figaro, smoke has complicated the search for victims.

In one report I read, they made the attack sound rather benign. They certainly didn’t even allude to the attack as a possible terror attack. And in full disclosure, we can’t confirm that the attack was a terror attack at this time.

However, ask yourself when was the last “restaurant bombing” in France that was unrelated to Muslim terror? Agreed, Molotov cocktails are not the same as suicide vests, the jihadi weapon of choice. Nevertheless, when you consider that trucks seem to be en vogue in recent Muslim attacks, the change in tactics is not nearly as shocking.

The burning question for the French is will they still support Macron in the elections?

After all, he wants more Muslims, ergo more bombings. One would think the French would have sickened of these attacks on both them and their culture. But, the French are used to losing, then having America bail their asses out.

They’d better keep their NATO bills paid, or else welcome the caliphate. Trump won’t accept credit cards.



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