Terrorist Group Spokesman: ‘Banning White Men Would Drastically Reduce Mass Shootings’

Terrorist Group Spokesman: ‘Banning White Men Would Drastically Reduce Mass Shootings’

Shaun King is a white man who has made a living pretending to be black.

He parlayed his “blackness” to become one of the leaders of the terrorist group known as Black Lives Matter. Subsequent to that gig, King now writes for the New York Daily News.

And in the spirit of his ruse of blackness, King presents a novel way of reducing mass shootings.

He advocates banning white men. Ironically, the move is mighty ehthnocentrically-black racist of this white boy.

According to IJR,

Shaun King is a Black Lives Matter activist who writes columns for the New York Daily News.

His columns for the publication are almost exclusively about race or, lately, about President Donald Trump. Some of his recent fare includes calling Trump and his fans “scary” and blasting the president for his “white privilege.”

King decided to “break down” the shooting of congressional Republicans by James T. Hodgkinson on Wednesday morning in terms of race following the incident.

So King offered a race-based tweet storm — and number eight is a doozy:

This is a graphic of the actual tweet.

As you can see King is against banning of any group, except white guys.

Ironically, King banned me from his Twitter feed!

I find my banning interesting, since I’ve never interacted with King directly.

Nevertheless, I’m not surprised by King’s need to ban me. Why confront truth, when ignorance pays the bills?





In a bit of more irony, King is not alone in his willingness to target white men for banning.

Last year, CNN host Van Jones suggested that “white Christian men” should be profiled due to their involvement in mass shootings.

And what if somebody suggests banning black teen boys?

Or what of banning blacks in general, given that 13 percent of the population is responsible for over 50 percent of violent crime?

As for mass shootings, I suggest both these men look at how Muslim terrorist attacks have escalated around the globe over the past decade, then decide who needs banning.

This is part of the list of Islamic terror attacks maintained by TheReligionofPeace.com.

Through June 5, 2017,  918 Islamic attacks in 46 countries occurred, where 6538 people were killed and 7175 injured.

As for King’s contention that the shooting in VA is related to the race of the man involved, I call bullsh*t.

What we should discuss is the man’s ideology. Leftism.

His race had nothing to do with this shooting. As we’ve proven time and again, leftists are violent people, who can’t control their anger. When they lose, they “act out,” usually viciously. 

Leftism is the reason Islamic jihad attacks have escalated exponentially all around the world. Further, leftists fill American prisons. Truthfully, many more leftists would be put away if they were to reveal their true thoughts or if we knew of their actions.

Be careful what you wish for, Sean King.



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