Bernie Sanders: Rich Socialist Rakes in Another Million

Bernie Sanders: Rich Socialist Rakes in Another Million

The rich socialist one-percenter created a wealthy life pretending to hate rich people.

Bernie Sanders : rich socialist #KevinJacksonSanders’ latest Senate financial records prove Sanders has quite a bit of money for one of the “poorer members of the US Senate.”

That’s the game Sanders plays. He likes to seem out of place in the millionaires club. But, we know the truth.

Remember when Sanders said:

“A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few have so much, while so many have so little.”

I must’ve missed the memo where a million dollars became the average annual income. Let’s look at Sanders “progress” to wealth.

In 2014, progressive Sanders’ estimated net worth was around $400,000. Then the election came around, and Sanders enriched his entire family.

Today, Sanders attacks the  one percent while driving in his $80,000 Audi to one of his three houses. Apparently, being a loser in politics can make one a financial winner.

No wonder Sanders was all too happy to capitulate to Hillary Clinton, since he hit the DC Lotto.

At least that’s what his U.S. Senate financial disclosure confirms.

After a 20-day extension, Bernie finally penned his royalties. We learned that Sanders received an advance of $795,000 for his book, Our Revolution. Additionally, he took in $63,750 for his soon-to-be-released Bernie Sanders’ Guide to Political Revolution, a book aimed at poisoning the mind of young readers.

To put things in perspective, pre-election Bernie didn’t make a whole lot. His last book, Outsider in the House brought in a paltry $6,735 worth of royalties. And let’s not forget the almost non-existent royalties from Sanders’ 1987 folk album. It’s billed as a “spoken word piece” called “We Shall Overcome.”

Overcome what? The hypocrisy of the Left?

Sanders ran on giveaways. Free college, for example. You get what you pay for, don’t you! Has this guy seen what’s happening in colleges around the country? Safe spaces and trigger words, particularly when the conservative point of view is introduced.

I say to Bernie, Russia has freebies. Vodka and toilet paper.

And as we chronicled, the moment Bernie became a millionaire, he then attacked billionaires. Apparently the only way to shut this socialist up is to make him filthy stinking rich.




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