OUTRAGEOUS: Bill Maher Drops N-Word with Senator Ben Sasse (VIDEO)

OUTRAGEOUS: Bill Maher Drops N-Word with Senator Ben Sasse (VIDEO)

It seems that leftist comedic hacks push the envelope these days.

Kathy Griffin cuts off the head of President Trump, and now Bill Maher decides to one-up her.

On Friday, Bill Maher used the “N-word” during an interview with Senator Ben Sasse, on Maher’s show Real Time.

During the interview, Maher jokes about visiting Nebraska more.

Sasse comments to Maher:

“You’re welcome. We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.”

Interestingly, Bill Maher responded:

“Work in the fields? I’m a house n*gga.”


Frankly, I don’t care what Maher thinks of himself. I find him a vile creature, who makes “niggas” look refined.

But what I find interesting is there has been no blowback by the typical “field niggas.”

Marc Lamont Hill deafens me with his silence. And what of the Congressional Chocolate Caucus? Or the National Association for the Advancement of Chocolate People?

All those field Negroes seem to give Maher a pass. Too bad Hannity didn’t say it!

As for Maher, he has always maintained a low opinion of black people. Recall his comments on Obama, when he chided him to “act black.”

Maher gets away with his overt racism in the confines of Hollyweird, where denigrating blacks is allowed.

As Mediaite noted of one Maher segment,

Questions like, “How many Muslims does a black guy have to kill in one weekend before crackers climb down off his ass?” Or like, “Why focus on the terrorists who reduced Wall Street to rubble when you can help Wall Street reduce the whole country to rubble?” Or there was the following line, which…we don’t even know:

“Why can’t you just admit that Barack Obama is one efficient, steely-nerved, multitasking, black ninja gangster president?”

Black Ninja president?

More like a pink tutu-wearing ninja princess.

But Maher wanted the first half-black president to be a black ninja.

However, he wouldn’t last two minutes in the hood. Maher would find that outside of his bubble, his studio, where laugh tracks and leftist ideology fuel his idiocy, blacks in the real world don’t appreciate his “humor.”

Daily Maher surrounds himself with people who mostly think as he does. He won’t offer ideas outside of the comfort of his ignorance. This explains why Maher is neither interesting or funny.

For the record, Maher would have been just as profound, had he answered, “I’m no Mexican!” to Ben Sasse.

Given the political climate, that statement would have been much more clever.





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