Breaking: FBI Claims “Too Soon For Answers”

Breaking: FBI Claims “Too Soon For Answers”

Meanwhile, Facebook sheds light on political motives.

In a press conference, Tim Slater of the FBI claimed it is too soon for answers surrounding the investigation of the shooting this morning.

The shooting occurred at a Congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia. The shooter stood behind third base and open fired.

Chief Mike Brown of the Alexandria police said the first 911 call came in at 7:09 and units were on scene within 3 minutes. According to the chief, this seems to be an “isolated incident.” In fact, the chief said Virginia State Police, Capitol Police, and the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office all worked to clear the area and check the safety of surrounding neighborhoods.

Chief Verderosa of the Capitol Police confirmed that several people were treated by first-responders at the scene. Five were transported to nearby hospitals, including Rep. Scalise, the 3rd ranking Republican.

While the FBI only gave the blanket answer of “too soon,” reporters addressed rumors such as political motivation. Another rumor is that the gunman asked if the players were Republicans or Democrats before moving to third base and taking out his weapon.  Another rumor suggests the shooter was one of the injured persons. Again, the FBI said it is too early to confirm any of this.

Meanwhile, the shooter was identified.

Congressional shooting #KevinJacksonWhile the FBI refuses to address the motive of this shooting, the assailant was identified as James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois. He is now confirmed dead. However, his Facebook page expresses his hate for Trump and his allegiance with Bernie Sanders.

NBC says:

The man who allegedly opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in Virginia has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson, NBC News reported on Wednesday.

In a news conference, President Donald Trump said the assailant in the shooting is now dead.

Hodgkinson was a 66-year-old man from Belleville, Illinois, NBC News reported, citing federal law enforcement officials.

 The shooting took place as a GOP congressional baseball team was practicing in Alexandria, Virginia, ahead of a charity game between Republicans and Democrats scheduled for Thursday.

Police say it is too early to determine a motive in the shooting.

A Facebook page for a user named James Hodgkinson from Belleville, Illinois, contained many posts that mocked President Donald Trump and were supportive of former presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders.

Hatefulness Must End:

congressional shooting #KevinJacksonAfter the ordeal, Rep Rodney Davis spoke in an interview.  He felt lucky that Scalise’s security detail was on scene. He said “their presence is what kept this from becoming a massacre.”

When asked if he believed Congress was specifically targeted in the shooting, he said “it’s not a coincidence that none of those bullets landed outside the baseball field.” Davis, aware of the political motivations of this incident, added “the hatefulness over policy issues has got to stop.”

One other quick point for the gun control nuts.

If the police had been armed with batons, many more Republicans would have been killed.


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