Businesses Sue Baltimore for Riots and It Gets Better [VIDEO]

Businesses Sue Baltimore for Riots and It Gets Better [VIDEO]

I’d like to see more people suing cities and the black thugs whose families are hitting the lotto.

Why should citizens of cities have to pay for the actions of a few?

In the wake of the Michael Brown settlement where the city of Ferguson paid the family of a would be cop killer $1.5 million, the public has become outraged.

Meanwhile, innocent business owners were left languishing.

One of the worst cases happened in Baltimore.

After the death of Freddie Gray, riots broke out in Baltimore destroying businesses. Moreover, Baltimore’s mayor ordered police to stand down as looters and rioters wreaked havoc in mostly black communities.

According to  WJZ, dozens of businesses are striking back.

Dozens of business owners are suing Baltimore because they said city leadership failed to protect them and their property during the 2015 riots.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the court filing is over 700 pages long. Further, the filing lists in detail exactly what happened to the roughly 60 businesses that are part of this lawsuit.

Sane America has longed for such action. Why should the family of criminals get paid, while the productive people playing by the rules get penalized?

Perhaps this is what cities need in order to get sanity back.

Rawlings-Blake showcased incompetence at the highest level. Here’s what we wrote of her efforts to help Baltimore during her tenure:

Rawlings-Blake will do about anything at this point to keep people’s minds off her actual record as mayor of Baltimore. In a recent interview, she actually tries to appear optimistic, as if she’s just realizing that she has a job.

NINE new buildings, same people. And these same people are realizing the ineffectiveness of yet another black leader who promises everything and delivers nothing.

In essentially the same environs at the nine soon-to-be renovated buildings, there are 17,000 vacant homes in Baltimore. This is the “Freddie Gray” area, where the neighborhoods are war zones, and the very reason why the city’s attorney, Moseby,  instructed cops to add extra policing to those high crime areas.

Since the Freddie Gray incident, crime has escalated, with what has been described as a wave of arson, looting and open confrontations with riot police.

The Freddie Gray incident cost the taxpayers of Baltimore over $30 million. And it’s not like Baltimore has that kind of money laying around.

While Rawlings-Blake was fighting for gay marriage, and making Baltimore a sanctuary city for illegals–yes, following Obama’s Liberal agenda–Baltimore suffered rampant unemployment, dismal housing, and poor education. And let’s never forget about the racial strife, as there are still a few white people left in Baltimore to point the finger at.

And what of State’s Attorney Marilyn Moseby?

Her comment in the wake of Gray’s death preemptively condemned the police. We wrote at the time.

A year later, Mosby’s prospects look as bleak as Rawlings-Blake’s. According to the LA Times:

Baltimore State’s Atty. Marilyn J. Mosby instantly became a controversial figure across America — lauded as a hero by the left and decried as a demagogue by the right — when she brought charges against six police officers in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray.

More than a year later, her repute is even more debatable.

With two officers acquitted and a third now on trial, Mosby’s critics are calling for her to resign and to drop the charges against all of the officers. Detractors say she has demoralized the Police Department and emboldened criminals, and speculation has begun about who would challenge her re-election in two years.

“She’ll try to say, ‘At least I tried. Isn’t that a good thing?'” said Roya Hanna, a former Baltimore prosecutor. But she added: “I think indicting people when you have no evidence to convict them shows a serious lack of judgment.”

What Marilyn Mosby should have done is…her job. Instead of playing to the racist public, a public frothing for fresh meat, Mosby should have been deliberate. Instead of appearing to be an unbiased officer of the court, Mosby seems more like a buffoon.

I hope these owners win, and win BIG!

Then I hope they go after the individuals who ruined their lives.

As it turns out, former mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake as well as current mayor Catherine Pugh are both named in the suit.

Rawlings-Blake commented at the time of the riots,

“We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well,” she said in the aftermath of the attack, leading to widespread outrage among store owners who lost everything.

“The city failed them when they adopted a policy of restraint and issued stand-down orders, caring more about the public perception that they feared would result with increased police presence than preventing what were clearly preventable riots,” the lawyer for the businesses suing the city said.

Public officials need to be accountable for their actions. These knee-jerk politically correct insane responses must end.



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