INSTANT REGRET: CBS Airs Luntz Focus Group Comments on Trump [VIDEO]

INSTANT REGRET: CBS Airs Luntz Focus Group Comments on Trump [VIDEO]

CBS hoped to showcase average citizens concerned about Trump Russia collusion.

The response of this focus group shocked the network in more ways than one, however.

The Russian narrative is sinking faster than an FBI informant caught by the Mafia who goes for a swim in lead boots.

In light of Comey’s testimony, we now know the collusion happened in the Democratic Party. Obama. Lynch. Clinton. Democrats colluded with Russia, and tried to influence U.S. elections. The Russian investigation has officially backfired.


Verifying what other polls have reported, an overwhelming number of those polled said they didn’t care about the Russian investigation.

Those who did care were not concerned with Trump, but just that we get to the bottom of “how” the Russians may have tried.

But then the Q&A takes a turn, as Luntz asked the question: “Describe Donald Trump in one word.”

Honest, determined, effective, true, strong, productive, tough SOB, very authentic.

Luntz never expected this response, and you can see that he’s perplexed.

Not a single negative response from this focus group.

Luntz showcases his irritation and even tries to sway their opinions.

It’s not necessarily what he says, but how he says things.

So as you consider the response of the panel, compare that to what media polls report. The last report I saw had the president at 50 percent approval.

What Luntz exposed to the mostly leftist viewers on CBS is that Trump’s base has likely grown. What’s definitely clear is Trump’s base certainly hasn’t diminished.

President Trump has attacked all the establishment. He marginalized the media, and he targets both political parties. Soon you will see that Trump’s strategy has cleared the runway to Make America Great Again.

Never has a president been so effective so quickly in his presidency. And because President Trump’s policies impact Americans directly and positively, they want more.

Americans are sick of the investigations, particularly fake investigations, and that’s all the Left has. However, once RussiaGate ends (badly for the Left), Democrats will find it difficult to continue their disruptions.

In another six months when Trump has created millions more jobs, and America’s economy continues to boom, the Democrats will have some explaining to do.




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