Watch Former Clinton Surrogate MELTDOWN During FOX News Interview

Watch Former Clinton Surrogate MELTDOWN During FOX News Interview

The Russian narrative promoted by the Left centers ironically around a Clinton.

Ironically, because the most hardcore brain-dead leftists believe Trump is involved with the Russians.

The Left thought they could push their lie onto Trump, ergo conservatives. Needless to say, the ruse failed.

The rest of the world knows of the crooked dealings by the Clintons involving the Russians. This is why former Hillary Clinton campaign manager and henchman had a meltdown during a Fox News interview.

All it took was for Maria Bartiromo to question Podesta about his and Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal.

Watch Podesta’s face during his meltdown.

Podesta actually claims that he wasn’t with a Russian company, despite the fact it was backed by The Kremlin.

Next, he cites the now debunked claim by the New York Times that 17 intel agencies claim that Russia interfered with the election. That number has been revised downward to 4, by the way.

As we documented, the lamestream media actually covers up the Clintonistas’ involvement with Russia.

Recently the Washington Post hired John Podesta to write a Trump column. The irony here is unbelievable. As a top Hillary-advisor, John exploded at FBI Director Comey for not examining the evidence. Now his own brother is knee deep in the bull$h*t.  According to Open Secrets, Podesta’s firm racked up $170,000 from a Russian bank, Sberbank CIB.

It has been proven that Podesta ultimately took millions from the Russians in stock.

Moreover, the connection to the Russians, Podesta, and the crooked Clinton Foundation lies in plain sight. Here is what we wrote about this obvious crime:

As secretary of state, Clinton bargained with Clinton Foundation donors. One deal netted Russia control of 20% of American uranium reserves. Another gave Putin access to American military technology.

Rosatom, a Russian state atomic energy agency, sought to purchase Uranium One, a Canadian based company in control of U.S. uranium. The deal required State Department approval. While State considered the deal, the chairman of Uranium One, Mr. Telfer, made four donations totaling $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation. In 2010, Uranium One appealed to the American Embassy to secure continued possession of its Kazakhstan mines. That same year, Telfer donated $1 million; another $250,000 in 2010, the year the Russians sought majority control; $600,000 in 2011; and $500,000 in 2012.

The fallout to the Russian ruse will be matched only by the official revelation of global climate farce.

And the Democrats brought all of this on themselves.

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