Busted! CNN Buries Truth of Two Stories

Busted! CNN Buries Truth of Two Stories

CNN was crowned The Fake News Network long ago.

One would think that CNN would try to recover from their fake news moniker by reporting the real news. However, the media giant remains defiant. 

Despite a foreign-born Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar,” (God is great) before committing a terror attack, CNN wouldn’t call the attack a Muslim terror attack.

According to The Horn News:

A Islamic terrorist shouted in Arabic before stabbing a police officer in the neck at a Michigan airport, and referenced Syria and Iraq during the attack that’s now being investigated as an act of terrorism, federal and court officials said.

Amor Ftouhi, 49, of Montreal, was immediately taken into custody. A criminal complaint charging him with committing violence at an airport says Ftouhi asked an officer who subdued him why the officer didn’t kill him.

The attack Wednesday at Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan, is being investigated as an act of terrorism, but authorities have no indication at this time that the suspect was involved in a “wider plot,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge David Gelios.

“At this time we view him as a lone-wolf attacker,” Gelios said. “We have no information to suggest any training.”

The attack occurred just before 10 a.m., prompting officials to evacuate and shut down the airport and add security elsewhere in the Michigan city about 50 miles (80.46 kilometers) northwest of Detroit. White House press secretary Sean Spicer said President Donald Trump was briefed on the stabbing, and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he was “proud of the swift response” by authorities from both the U.S. and Canada.

Why the Cover-up?

Clearly, CNN knows this was a terrorist act. So why downplay the news?

The story of the Muslim terror attack, one of over 1000 already in 2017, was buried below articles about The Bachelor and a few pieces on men’s fashion.

Certainly Muslim terror attacks are numerous. But have they become so blase that we bury them below fashion articles?


Sadly, CNN wasn’t the only network to skim past the story.

CBS and NBC ignored terrorist links and called the attacker a “Canadian” as opposed to a Muslim. 

The attacker’s Tunisian Muslim roots are an integral part of this story, are they not? But that’s not the end of the liberal media twisting of this tale.

The recent tragedy surrounding the murder of a young Muslim girl received tons of coverage. In fact, reporters called the murder a hate crime before any proof surfaced. Further, police quickly pointed to road rage as the motive for the death of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen.

CNN even tried to discredit police. They published an article on the difficulty of reporting a hate crime.

Legal analyst Danny Cevallos stated,

“Just because Tores didn’t vocalize a disdain for Muslims, women or both, while allegedly committing a crime, doesn’t mean the crime was not motivated by hate.”


So now the death of all Muslims, regardless of how they occur will be considered hate crimes?

In further irony, Hassanen was killed by an illegal immigrant. Think the media would play up that narrative?

Analyzing these two events showcases the propaganda CNN’s faulty reporting creates. The media should report the facts.

The facts in the case of the airport attacker are simple. A MUSLIM cried out in Arabic, shouting glory to God, and attacked a cop at one of our ‘carefully guarded’ airports.

CNN sees the relevance of that incident as below the fold, under an article about The Bachelor.

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