CNN’s Cuomo Creates New ACRONYM for Butt-Hurt Leftist Losers [VIDEO]

CNN’s Cuomo Creates New ACRONYM for Butt-Hurt Leftist Losers [VIDEO]

The Left loves changing the lexicon, particularly when it helps them.

In the wake of Trump’s five to zero victories over the Left, Democrats find themselves rattled, to say the least.

They expected to win in November, when the deck was stacked against Trump, and the world knows the outcome. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, “progressivism,” and the media were all publicly brutalized by Trump and the Tea Party Community.

As I wrote in an article titled, Trump 5-0: This is what winning looks like,

We made them cry on Nov 8, 2016.

Since then we have made them cry four more times, with the biggest hurt coming in the Georgia special election.

Note that after each loss, the Democrats split their deuces, and doubled-down–a bad bet for those of you who don’t get the blackjack metaphor.

After FIVE losses, you’d think the Left would want to cut their losses. They would decide to play ball.

Two shifts occurred:

One, leftists finally realize the repeat feeling of losing. And two, Republicans finally realize what it feels like to win.

Well, the Left got the memo. They are officially losers.

Thus, they must create a new lexicon, a new paradigm for making losers into winners.

CNN laughingly attempted to do just that, as according to the Washington Examiner

CNN host Chris Cuomo said Wednesday that Democrats will have to learn from their recent failures if they’re going to ever capture any House seats from Republicans.

“They teach you in campaign school … that you’ve gotta learn from failure, otherwise you’re doomed to repeated it,” Cuomo said.

“And there’s an acronym for ‘fail’: the Future Always Involves Learning. And that’s going to be the test … for Democrats, right?” he asked.

“It ain’t a coincidence that they lost all these races,” Cuomo added. “What are they not getting done at the leadership level?”

On Tuesday night, Republicans held onto the seat in the 6th District in Georgia, as Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff.

Democrats also failed to pick up a seat in South Carolina that was expected to stay in Republican hands.

How cute. The Left now have an little acronym for their ass-kickings.

FAIL goes very well with “progressive,” as it does with Obama.

I love how the Left puts Obama butt-balm on their wounds. They try to convince themselves that they have some high moral ground in their now FIVE losses.

The Left could learn from failure, if they weren’t brain-dead morons. What these idiots should have learned in November is that Trump has a mandate.

Moreover, unlike baby black Jesus, aka Obama, Trump actually knows what he’s doing. Imagine a unified America behind a man working as hard and as effectively as Donald Trump.

The only thing that will save the Left in 2018 and beyond occurs if they embrace President Trump’s policies. If they don’t, FAIL will be the Left’s middle name.



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