CNN Reporter Refers to President Trump: ‘You’re A Piece of Sh*t’

CNN Reporter Refers to President Trump: ‘You’re A Piece of Sh*t’

Saturday night Trump renewed his call for U.S. courts to approve his travel ban in the wake of a deadly terror attack in London.

Afterward, CNN host Reza Aslan called President Trump “a piece of s—” and “an embarrassment to humankind”.

Reza Aslan #KevinJacksonBecause that what a good reporter does? Clearly, I’m confused. After growing up in a time when reporters were to remain balanced it’s hard to understand the Leftist Media.

CNN’s show “The Believer” airs on Sunday nights and is hosted by Aslan. CNN bills Aslan as an Iranian-born religious scholar.

Aslan is also the author of such religious texts as Zealout: The Life and Times of Jesus, Beyond Fundamentalism, No God but God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam, among others.

He considers himself a secularized Muslim or what we refer to as a jihadist-in-waiting.

Earlier this year, Aslan created controversy when he ate human brains on his show. It was supposed to be some kind of Hindu ritual. However,most Hindu consider eating brains an act of extremism. In fact, Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu Congresswoman was distraught by Aslan’s actions. And she’s a Democrat.

Gabbard tweeted: 

“While good people across our country are working hard to increase mutual understanding and respect between people of different religions,” she tweeted. “I am very disturbed that CNN is using its power and influence to increase people’s misunderstanding and fear of Hinduism.”

Aslan doesn’t mind creating controversy, and that’s what he did as the terror attack in London unfolded.

The president was quick to respond.

NBC decided not to report on the president’s tweet:

Aslan compounded his issues, interpreting NBC’s rationale for not covering the tweet.

Not once did major “fake news” networks publicize Trump’s tweet of support to London.

The tweet came 3 minutes after his initial tweet on issuing the travel ban.

Eventually, Aslan got the memo.

Then, like Kathy Griffin, Aslan tried to apologize, back-peddling as fast as he can.

If the man were a professional, he wouldn’t have said what he said.

Aslan might not be worried about a potty endorsement, but CNN signs his checks. Although the media outlet has made a point of Trump-bashing, President Jeff Zucker seems to have had a change of heart.

Back in February, Zucker issued statements asserting Trump attacks had yet to hurt his brand. However, the move to fire Griffin indicates things might have changed in recent months.

It will be interesting to see if the next words Aslan hears are “You’re Fired”.


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