INCREDIBLE: CNN STAGES FAKE Anti-ISIS Protest in Wake of London Attack [VIDEO]

INCREDIBLE: CNN STAGES FAKE Anti-ISIS Protest in Wake of London Attack [VIDEO]

Twice in two weeks vicious Muslim terror attacks occurred in London.

These attacks have the leftists around the world reeling, as their experiment in multiculturalism blows up in their faces.

On the heels of the latest attack in London, the narrative of Islam being the “religion of peace” yet again disintegrates before the eyes of the world. Progressives were in danger of losing the propaganda battle, and thus needed to act.

And that’s just what they did.

A day after the latest Muslim terror attack, this one on the famed London Bridge, leftists sprung into action. In an act that had Hollyweird blushing, the fake news crew of CNN decided to stage a scene with Muslims in London denouncing the attacks.

In the scene, CNN gets a shot of various signs, one that read: “ISIS Will Lose.”

CNN’s Abu Dhabi Managing Editor, Becky Anderson posted the original video to her official Twitter account. She referred to the Muslims who bombed London, “a handful of twisted fools hell-bent on taking lives.”

Sure…those Muslims are indeed a “handful.”


After Becky Anderson’s tough words for ISIS terrorists, around the 2:00 mark of the video, you can see the staged event.

Wardrobe. Makeup. Now, bring in the Muslims. 

Everybody quiet on the set! ROLLING!

Did you note any Muslims? Apparently, Muslims in London really care about the bombings, as they sent their best representatives…STAGE PROPS. More on this..

And Becky Anderson read ALL the signs. She wanted Londoners to know that Muslims care.

As for how the video came to be, in the NEXT VIDEO, check out the orchestration by CNN.

You can see the crew setting up their production with all the care of a Hollyweird production crew about to film a movie.

Not to be outdone in furthering the fake news narrative of Muslim concern, BBC tried to get in on the act.

After all, London has a Muslim mayor, so the world needs BBC to stage the fake news, not CNN!


Katie Hopkins managed to get this shot of the orchestration.

As you can see, they managed to round up a few more Muslims in London who care, and the rest as they say, “is history”.


Thank God for “Central Casting.”

In a city with over 8.6 million people, 600,000+ of whom are Muslims, CNN managed to get a “handful” who cared.

Unfortunately for London, there are a “handful” who want to blow up the city, and they are doing it.

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