Comey Testimony: Two BOMBSHELLS the Media Will Soon Discuss

Comey Testimony: Two BOMBSHELLS the Media Will Soon Discuss

The world waits in anticipation of what we already know.

Comey is a partisan hack who deserved to be fired.

The man was a Clinton shill for well over a decade, and he tried to take down President Trump.

Nobody anticipated Donald Trump would get elected, so Comey fully expected to serve out his term as consiglieri for the Clinton Mafia.

And then came Trump.

We chronicled the Comey-Clinton connection, and it’s pretty thorough. President Trump knew what was what, and BAM, Comey was dispatched.

The poison pill failed, and now Comey will appear before Congress to put as much of a band-aid on the bullet hole as he can. And you can bet this will have all the drama of two blind men signing.

Nevertheless, the Left bill this as the “Thrilla in Manila.” The second coming of Ali-Frazier. At least that’s what they hope.

Ironically, there are two bombshells, and neither impacts President Trump at all.

Be careful what you wish for.

The Left find themselves forced into this fake news kabuki theater. They set the narrative months ago, not thinking the results through to the end. Now they have a conundrum.

Comey was to provide that final knockout blow to Trump. Again, I assure you, Comey possesses not that punch in his repertoire. He merely hopes to save face at this point. His testimony is an attempt to salvage a career as a now outed crook.

How amazing for Comey to be a high-level criminal who actually worked as one of the top law enforcement officers in the land. That man reported to work smiling, as he pulled the wool over America’s eyes. I suggest an Oscar, and you can bet we will get an award-winning performance in the hearing.

Remember all the drama Comey gave us in the buildup to letting Hillary Clinton go free?

Masterful delivery, Comey had ALL of America hanging on his every word.

And when it came for the obvious “happy ending,” Comey switched on the TV, and asked, “Was it good for you?!”

As for Comey’s pre-testimony notes, here are the salient points:

  1. The FBI did assure Trump that he was not under investigation. CHECK
  2. Comey did keep memos of his interactions with Trump, something he did NOT do with President Obama. INTERESTING
  3. Trump asked Comey to drop the Flynn investigation. OR SO HE SAYS
  4. Trump asked Comey to expedite the Russia investigation. AND WHY NOT…HE’S INNOCENT!
  5. Trump asked Comey to “get out” that Trump was not under investigation. PRUDENT
  6. While Trump’s actions “concerned” Comey nothing Trump did went beyond disconcerting. None of it was illegal or even unethical. WHAT CONCERN?

The issue that will burn Comey is #2.

We were told that Comey was a meticulous note keeper. And supposedly after each meeting, Comey would journal like a teenage girl lost in love.

As Fox News Katherine Herridge pointed out, Comey only began this practice after Trump became president.

That newfound methodology will prove troublesome for Comey, and I suspect one of the Congressmen will inquire as to why that started under President Trump.

Now, the next bigger point. It wasn’t mentioned in the six points, however spoiler alert: I already mentioned it.

The fact is Comey will do more damage to Democrats than to President Trump.

I wrote earlier that President Trump hasn’t a care in the world about Comey and his testimony. The press asked him earlier about his thoughts, and he wished Comey luck.

Trump worries like a billionaire. He’s got people he pays to worry for him! – Kevin Jackson

Comey’s testimony will put no arrow through Trump’s Achilles tendon. Moreover, Trump will emerge vindicated. Understand that the Left is undoubtedly aware of this, and they are trying to spin the issues I mentioned earlier.

The only potential point they can latch on to is #3. However, given the treatment by the press, Trump may find himself on hallowed ground in that area as well.

RussiaGate will be a huge backfire and for that reason I’m watching.

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