Congressional Black Caucus Clowns Refuse to Meet With Trump

Congressional Black Caucus Clowns Refuse to Meet With Trump

Leave it to black “leaders” to squander their seat at the table?

Under President Trump, the Congressional Black Circus actually have a shot at helping their constituents. And yet they refuse to support the man.

I get it. How would they explain success to the blacks who have suffered under their “leadership” for decades?

What has this organization done to actually advance black people? Funding protests, inciting riots, and teaching victimhood hasn’t helped?

Black people have lost ground in all, repeat all socioeconomic areas. And the biggest lack of socioeconomic progress happened under a black president.

I’ve written extensively on how blacks are suddenly excelling in the wake of Donald Trump’s outreach.

The way I see it, Trump slayed liberals’ sacred cow: black victimhood.

Previously, discussions of the black condition elicited things like high crime neighborhoods, bad schools, high unemployment, and so on. However, now that Trump has threatened to buy the plantation and start paying the workers, suddenly liberals’ sacred cow roasts on the rotisserie.

Soapboxie discusses black victimhood:

It is a cry of many Black Americans that, “We have not yet reached the Promised Land.” and “When will we reach our Promised Land.” Guess what? This is the 21st century and those mantras are tired and worn out. We Black Americans must create our Promised Land through high intellectual and academic achievement in addition to a prodigious work ethic

Sadly, many Black Americans believe that they need a savior to help them to achieve educational and socioeconomic parity. I heard that many Black Americans state that they voted for Barack Obama to be President of the United States solely because he is black. A lot of Black Americans pinned all of their hopes and dreams on President Obama, praying and hoping that he would get them out of a hopelessly dire socioeconomic situation and into a more affluent lifestyle. Now many Black Americans are displeased with President Obama because they believed that he did not create for them the housing and jobs that he promised that he would create

Many Black Americans contend that they are blameless for the educational and socioeconomic morass they are in. This belief and ideology are not only prevalent among lower socioeconomic classes of Black Americans but also among a few middle and upper middle socioeconomic classes of Black Americans. For example, one maternal cousin once removed, who has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is in a high-level administrative position, steadfastly maintain that “the man” is holding “us brother/sisters back.”

The only black people who benefited under Obama are crackheads, gays, and black teen thugs.

I will illustrate my reasoning using the first point. I wrote of Valerie Jarrett appeasing black journalists in listing Obama’s accomplishments for blacks.

Jarrett’s third reason for blacks to support Obama references crack cocaine, and the Fair Sentencing Act that Obama made law back in August 2010. The law eliminated the five-year mandatory minimum sentence for possession of crack cocaine and reduced the disparity between the amount of powder cocaine and crack cocaine needed to trigger federal criminal penalties from a 100:1 weight ratio to 18:1.
Thank GOD blacks are now free from that onerous penalty of a mandatory five years for carrying crack cocaine, because all blacks carry crack. You just never know when you will need a hit.
But black people get the added benefit of knowing that white folks—the cocaine carriers—must now carry a lot less coke in comparison. Leave it to Obama to stick it to the man.

To worship Obama, blacks say essentially, “Anybody be a black superhero.”

But as Katt Williams put it, “Black people made Obama Superman, but forgot to ask the n*gga if he knew how to fly!”

Now that we have a new president The Congressional Black Caucus has refused a meeting with Trump. The organization actually said no to a meeting with President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Then, they sent him a letter to explain their ignorance.

Written by CBC Chair Cedric Richmond:

“[W]e have seen no evidence that your Administration acted on our calls for action, and we have in fact witnessed steps that will affirmatively hurt Black communities,” Richmond wrote. “While we agreed to explore possible future discussions when we first met, it has become abundantly clear that a conversation with the entire CBC would not be entirely productive, given the actions taken by your Administration since our first meeting.”

Again, I point these black leaders at the former president’s handiwork.

Moreover, what policies has Trump implemented that have hurt blacks? The answer is none.

But what has he done to help blacks? According to PBS:

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday aimed at signaling his commitment to historically black colleges and universities, saying that those schools will be “an absolute priority for this White House.”

HBCU presidents are hoping Congress will bolster Trump’s actions to strengthen the schools with dramatically increased funding in the upcoming federal budget. They are calling for $25 billion for infrastructure, college readiness, financial aid and other priorities. Under President Barack Obama’s administration, historically black colleges and universities received $4 billion over seven years.

His budget would provide 5 times more funding to HBCUs.

Trump wishes to preserve the history of these schools. He increased funding well over Obama’s levels.

Next, Trump has created real jobs.

What began with Carrier, where Trump used the “magic wand” to save 1000 jobs, continues with many other companies.

And unlike Obama, Trump plays “call pocket.” He doesn’t refer to the obscure and fake unemployment numbers, by the way at 29-year lows. Trump tells you where he will create jobs, so there can be no misunderstanding.

When did Obama set a strategy and CALL the company where he would create 1000 jobs?

Americans know the Congressional Black Circus doesn’t care about the black people they represent.

These clowns have watched decade after decade as blacks have become marginalized.

The fact is, if the CBC were white, they would be accused of being Klansmen.

The Congressional Black Circus needs Trump to fail. Trump’s success means their meal tickets disappear. Trump will succeed, and the so-called black leaders will eat crow…black crow.


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