Czech Republic Makes it Official: Migrants Not Welcome

Czech Republic Makes it Official: Migrants Not Welcome

A shoddy scheme seeks to resettle 160,000 migrants across the EU from Italy and Greece.

The Czech Republic joined its neighbors in officially withdrawing from the settlement program.

According to Czechs, the program is dysfunctional and causes security concerns. In fact, Prague only accepted 12 of the 1,600 migrants due to resettle in their country. That is less than one percent of the assigned quota. And the mayor of London would likely agree, 12 people are easier to track.

As the Gateway Pundit reports:

The decision was supported by a majority of parties across the political spectrum, with even left-wing parties, including the Communist Party, welcoming the announcement.

Public opinion in the Czech Republic, and surrounding countries, runs very strongly against immigration, particularly from Islamic countries.

migrants not welcome #KevinJacksonThe country’s president, Miloš Zeman, is Pro-Trump. That might be why his immigration policies sound similar to Trump’s. Zeman calls this wave of migration an “organized invasion” reminiscent of the Trojan War.

Zeman is typically viewed as a friend of Russia because he opposes Western sanctions against them. Additionally, Zeman believes “moderate Muslims” don’t exist. Like Donald Trump, he’s not much for being politically correct either. In fact, Zeman admires Trump and his ability to buck being politically correct.

The Washington Post quoted Zeman as saying:

I was the single European head of state who publicly supported Trump before the president elections. I stress before, because there are many politicians who admired Trump after the elections, when courage is cheap.


My reasons, my arguments for such public support? At first, it is just his courage. Politicians should be courageous and not hesitate . . . and he has courage. Second, he has a similar position [to mine] on the fight against Islamic terrorism and illegal migration.

The Ramifications of Withdrawal

The EU is urging the Czech Republic to reverse their decision. In fact, the EU has threatened court action.

According to the Irish Times:

“I was very displeased to read in the press that the Czech government is considering to halt relocations entirely,” European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said during a visit to Prague. “I sincerely hope that, as in so many other cases, European reason, spirit and values will prevail and that the Czech government will reconsider its course so that we do not have to resort to legal infringement procedures, [which] we will do if nothing changes.”

However, the Czech Republic knows there is no payoff worth such risks. Recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London illustrate the point. How many dead citizens does it take to justify closing borders?

Now the EU will likely retaliate with hefty fines for all countries in the union who refuse to aid in resettling people. The decision to refuse migrants aligns the Czech Republic with Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

And the EU wonders why the Brits wanted out?

You can bet there will be many more countries exiting that communist union.




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