Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisor EMBARRASSES Clintons (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisor EMBARRASSES Clintons (VIDEO)

Do Leftists think through their strategies?

Of course not. They are brain-dead zombies, and thus unable to think logically.

Case in point, former Clinton campaign advisor, Jess McIntosh. In an appearance on MSNBC, she commented:

“President Trump is not a very smart man.”

Let’s run with that logic for just a bit.

If Trump is not smart, but he beat Hillary, then Hillary is even LESS smart than Trump?

This idiot just backhandedly said that Hillary Clinton is dumber than Trump.

Then again, there is another possibility. Hillary Clinton’s loss may not be Hillary Clinton’s fault. So, who can we blame?

Hillary Clinton’s people.

Jess McIntosh was an advisor to the worst campaign in modern American history. These suckups made Hillary Clinton believe she was invincible. And “smart” Hillary believed it.

To insure their outcome, the Clinton campaign conspired against Bernie Sanders. They enlisted the support of the media.

Finally, the Clinton campaign outspent the Trump campaign more than 2-to-1, running the most expensive campaign in politics. All this, and dumb Donald Trump kicked the crap out of crooked Hillary.

Trump showed message discipline matched only by his financial discipline, but he’s the dumb one?

So either Hillary Clinton is stupid, or her people are stupid. I suggest Hillary Clinton is stupid.

Good leaders surround themselves with competent people. Remember during the campaign as Trump adjusted his staff. The media called the man “crazy.”

“Who does this?”, they exclaimed!

Good business people, that’s who. Trump made the right changes at the right time. Hillary Clinton stood on convention, and lost.

Generally speaking, leftists craft their message(s), and the Republicans go on defense. Not Trump.

He set his message: Make America Great Again. And the Democrats came running.

First they mocked him.

“America was never great,” was their first attack.

But when that didn’t work, they tried to usurp Trump’s message.

“America is already great!”

Nice try. But talk about your mixed messages from the anti-American Left.

Needless to say, Trump held firm in his message, as #MAGA was created. Next, the idea of Trump’s message emblazoned in the public psyche. The HAT was born!

Hillary Clinton wrongly believed that people really liked Obama and his policies. What a moronic notion, given the Democrats had lost over 1,000 seats to Republicans during the Obama era.

As Trump talked about foreign trade, currency devaluation, and improving America’s standing in the world, Democrats had no message.

The only message by Democrats was hatred of Trump.

McIntosh still can’t sleep at night knowing a “not smart man” beat the crap out of Hillary Clinton and the political establishment. And these so-called intelligentsia remain steadfast in their belief in their intelligence.

That delusion is the reason President Trump is 5-0.


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