Democratic Strategist Urges Leftists to HUNT REPUBLICANS

Democratic Strategist Urges Leftists to HUNT REPUBLICANS

Think the Kathy Griffins of the Left are an anomaly?

Think again. Because, leftists are hate-filled lunatics looking for revenge.

We get this information from Truthfeed:

A Democratic Party operative, James Devine responded to the tragic shooting in Virginia in the most despicable way possible. This lowest form of human urged other leftists via Twitter to hunt Republican Congressmen.

He actually created his own hashtag to showcase his extremist views: #HuntRepublicanCongressmen.

Devine condones the hunting and killing of Republicans. And you can bet he represents well the leftists who claim to be peace-loving solid citizens.

Because Devine will likely take down his tweets advocating murder of Republicans, Truthfeed recorded a screenshot of his tweet, so there will be no denying his threats.

One can only hope that law enforcement pays this moron a visit soon, since we know how unchecked liberalism manifests itself. The social media posts of the VA shooter James Hodgkinson’s are eerily similar to those of Devine.

We learned the hard way during this campaign that leftists have no limits when it comes to violence. And up to this point leftists have gotten away with using violence, as conservatives choose to allow the law to handle such situations. But leftists should be aware that once conservatives reach the tipping point, we can and will fight back. Moreover, our wrath is not one to be reckoned with.

In other tweets, Devine calls Fox News “selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people,” likely as justification for killing GOP lawmakers.

In the old days, we could dismiss this clown as a butt-hurt leftist who will eventually get over it. However, we know now that leftists are deranged to their rotten cores. And like the recent shootings in VA suggests, these Democrats must be monitored like radical Islamic terrorists.

Consider that in advocating murder, Devine considers himself a “strategist.”

On his twitter profile, James links to his bio on where he fancies himself a “masterful Democratic Party campaign strategist.”

He’s far from being a strategist, as the strategy he suggests will get leftists wiped out. Does this fool know who has the guns in this country?

Devine represents the millions of disappointed Hillary Clinton supporters as his December tweet suggests:

“Hillary may lose but she is the only major candidate who understands how government works. Trump only cares 4 Trump.”

I suggest he meant “corrupt government.”

The fact that Devine is a dyed-in-the-wool Hillary Clinton supporter should land him in the sanitarium. Hillary Clinton is exactly where she belongs, on the dung pile of leftist history. A trivia question, at best.






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