Democrat Admits Obamacare Is Piece of Crap During Town Hall (VIDEO)

Democrat Admits Obamacare Is Piece of Crap During Town Hall (VIDEO)

Obamacare never had a quorum.

Thus, passing this economy-busting, worthless larceny took a page out of Hitlerian Germany.

Lawmakers wrote the bill with obscurity in mind. And even with all the “selling.” Obamacare never got above 40 percent approval.

“Pass the bill to see what’s in the bill?” Utter nonsense.

And talk about the rules changing in the middle of the game?!

“If you like your doctor/plan, you can keep your plan?”

And, what of all the promises?

Obamacare was to provide healthcare coverage to all. Leftists presented the crap legislation as a silver bullet, a panacea.

Aside from kicking millions off healthcare plans they loved, and excluding millions more from doctors they had dealt with for decades, Obamacare had a few other surprises.

The legislation raised premiums to untenable levels, doubling or tripling what people paid for coverage. Further, Obamacare forced many insurers from the market, as only the sickest signed up.

We are mega billions into this flop, and the Democrats pretend that America is enthralled with Obamacare. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Far Left Democrat lawmaker and Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tim Walz (MN-1) told the truth when he met with constituents recently.

Walz admitted that “ACA is not doing fine.”

He then added that Obamacare is “failing his constituents in a lot of ways.”

It’s shocking to see a far Left Democrat admit he’s wrong. But Walz admits guilt for all Democrats, particularly those who continue to fight for Obamacare.

Walz lamented,

“…that’s why the message, and we were talking about the DNC. The DNC wanted the message to be that the ACA is doing fine and don’t talk about the warts and I said I can’t do that because it’s failing my constituents in a lot of ways…”

It’s not only Obamacare that’s failing Walz’s constituents, it’s leftism.

The same DNC that colluded against Bernie Sanders colludes against Americans. They pretend that Obamacare and other leftist policies help their constituents, knowing their claims are blatant lies.

Trust that the election of Donald Trump precipitated Walz’s come to Jesus revelation. Without Trump, there would be no discussion of the Left’s latest sacred cow of Obamacare.

So what it’s a failure, it’s their failure, so Americans be damned. As the Left loves saying, “We will fix it later.”

Why we aren’t arresting all the idiots involved with this affront to the American taxpayer is a mystery to me. Bernie Madoff looks like a choirboy in comparison to Obama, as Madoff only stole billions.

The nerve of Obama to slam any bill that would rid the country of his “piece of crap.”

Former President Barack Obama on Thursday blasted Senate Republican leaders’ plan to overhaul large parts of his signature healthcare legislation, Obamacare.

“The Senate bill, unveiled today, is not a health care bill,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “It’s a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America.”

Obama’s only hope is to make Trump fail in his efforts to repeal this nonsense.

Unfortunately for Obama, the bad news is coming for him. Trump’s plan has but one outcome. 

Trumpcare will undoubtedly reduce premiums. As we reported,

The Congressional Budget Office just confirmed that the Republican replacement for Obamacare is an enormous economic win for the American taxpayer.

File this in the “What we already knew” category.

The CBO analyzed and scored the GOP-backed American Health Care Act (HR 1628) this week. As it turns out, the House-passed replacement for Obamacare actually CUTS taxes by $992 BILLION over the next decade.

Moreover, the plan will cover more people, as there will be more choices.

Obamacare produced fewer and fewer choices. Instead of healthy Millennials signing up for the crap, only the sickest Americans did. This left insurers scrambling, since they couldn’t average out the base. The fact that Millennials aren’t worried about healthcare shocked the illustrious Obama team.

Funny how human nature works, yet the Left can’t read the tea leaves.

What will the Democrats do, when Trumpcare is successful? Die!

You know those clowns will refuse to go to the hospital, if they must use Trumpcare.


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