Famous Democrat Analyst: HARSH WORDS for Media Reaction to Comey Testimony

Famous Democrat Analyst: HARSH WORDS for Media Reaction to Comey Testimony

Democrat pollster and analyst Pat Caddell witnessed former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony. He called the media’s reaction a “farce.”

media lies #KevinJacksonSiriusXM host Matt Boyle spoke with Caddell regarding the Senate hearings. Caddell was very clear on one idea. The real danger to America is the false narrative the media continues to force down our throats.

As Breitbart reports:

“I didn’t think it was a great day for the media, said Caddell. “However, if you watched some of the other cable news networks, you’d think this was a disaster for Trump. It was anything but.” He went on to call out the media for pursuing a political agenda, as opposed to the truth, saying that media today is actually “a danger to democracy.”

Caddell went on to talk about the stark contrast between the news and reality.

Clearly no one headlines about the truths that came out. For example, Comey told Trump he wasn’t under investigation three separate times. Comey acknowledged this in his testimony. Did that make the daily news summary? Of course not.

“They weren’t reporting facts,” continued Caddell. “They were reporting sources who would give them statements that would contribute to their anti-Trump narrative. This is not a press. This is a propaganda machine. It’s full speed against the president.”

Caddell said he could turn to almost any network and predict its coverage, “If Trump walked on water, they’d say he couldn’t swim.”

The negativity has been prevalent since the beginning of the campaign. News anchors have morphed from people who developed stories of who, what, when, where and why to people interested in a certain political angle. Because of this, they no longer tell the truth.

These media lies are propaganda as dangerous as the dictators in North Korea. People are robbed of choices when they are robbed of the facts.

By almost anybody’s standard, Comey’s behavior is bizarre.

But so is the behavior of the many Senators who sat there thanking him for his dedicated service. Over and over, Democrats sang Comey’s praises before they asked him a single question.

Caddell added,

This man really believes that he is a demigod when it comes to the law. He keeps changing the goal lines. His weakness, which he confessed to, but I think it was more a device than a critical perception, whether it was with Loretta Lynch, when she asked him to conform to the Clinton campaign, which I thought was a revealing comment and opened up a lot of other doors, when he talked about his own leaking, volunteered how he had leaked and what he had done with those memos, I thought that was just really strange. His criticism of the media; he basically denied their stories. He’s basically a very angry man, and I thought the White House handled Comey terribly, but that’s neither here nor there.”

It’s also perplexing when you analyze Comey’s  claims. He says he thought a special counsel was needed. Where was the special counsel for Hillary? He ignored the IRS scandal, the Clinton Foundation, the pile of dead bodies. This isn’t a guy who’s ever thought along those lines. But suddenly Trump is president and we need a special counsel?

media lies #KevinJacksonComey paints himself as the last honest man in Washington, D.C. However, Alberto Gonzales, who served as both White House counsel and attorney general during the Bush administration thinks we shouldn’t be fooled. Comey’s pulled this stunt before. However, his true loyalties lie with Democrat elites like Chuck Schumer.

Back to the Media

While Comey continues to play games with the American public using his well-crafted testimony, the media lapdogs keep spinning the story to fit the leftist narrative. Recall NBC’s recent attempt at teasing? They claimed Putin had compromising information on Trump- a fact that Putin laughed at. NBC didn’t care; they took the leftist route of lie now, apologize later. As long as the public allows the media to decide what stories to tell and how to tell them, democracy will shrink with each fabricated story.

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