In Wake of Trump Success: Democrat Leader THREATENS Fellow Democrats

In Wake of Trump Success: Democrat Leader THREATENS Fellow Democrats

Unless you’re a brain-dead leftist, you see the great job President Trump does daily.

The economy is booming. And America is no longer the laughing stock of the world.

Democrat leader threatensNo more spending trillions of dollars on the nonsense of global warming. Trump negotiated that the world save America, versus the other way around. BOOM!

Prior to that, the newly-elected President Trump rid our businesses of nearly $2 trillion of government-fattening legislation from Obama. Then he targeted Obamacare.

On the social front, leftists reeled from the Comey testimony fallout. That may have been the proverbial straw that broke the asses’ backs, as the Democrats have been self-destructing over the last 8 years.

How do you fix it?

According to the NY Daily News, Democrats plan to nip it in the bud, and play plantation politics.

A top leader of the national Democratic party warned a group of breakaway Democratic state senators to break its leadership alliance with the Republicans or face primary battled.

“I do believe you can get more flies with honey than vinegar, but after you give enough honey to the fly, sometimes you’ve got to plug the fly swatter in,” said Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, who is also the Democratic National Committee deputy chairman.

“I say come home. You’re welcome. But if you won’t come, you’re going to have to be primaried.”

Ellison made his comments about the Independent Democratic Conference, or IDC, while headlining a New York City fund-raiser for the mainline Senate Democrats on Friday night.

That sounds like a threat.

Democrats should take the threat seriously, given what we know about the treachery of Democrats. They will kill you!

But if they can’t kill you, they will damn sure intimidate you. Because Democrats operate like unions. You will be a member, or they will crack your skull.

If it weren’t for the heinous repercussions of leaving the Democrats, they would have lost 30 percent of their membership under Obama. The man performed horribly as a Democrat, and did more for Republicans than Lincoln.

Imagine a person with Obama appeal among Democrats losing over 1000 seats during his tenure?!

It’s no wonder Democrats want to bolt! To be a Democrat is to watch your house burn, as you prepared to watch Rich Housewives of DC.

The only recourse of Democrats is to threaten those who dare partner with Republicans. So what Trump’s policies work. For leftists, ideology trumps what’s best for America.

This is why every time McCain or some other RINO talks of “reaching across the aisle,” I want to slap them. There is no such thing. The only people who should be reaching are the leftists who consistently get it wrong. They must be taught the error of their ways, and rewarding bad behavior isn’t the way.

By the way, where is the real leader of the DNC?

He won against Ellison, yet DNC Chairman Tom Perez is in witness protection.

Democrat fundraising is down. The Washington Examiner reports,

The Democratic National Committee reported its worst April of fundraising since 2009, according to Federal Election Commission records released Monday.

The DNC reported taking in $4.7 million last month. While this is an off-year for fundraising, the DNC hauled $8.5 million last year, and nearly $5 million in 2015. Between 2010 and 2014, the Democrats received anywhere from $6.3 million to $14.4 million per year.

However, the drop in donations coincides with an effort by DNC Chair Tom Perez and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to rally support for the party. The two traveled the country on a “unity tour.”

For those wondering, here are the Republicans’ numbers for the same period.

The Republican National Committee’s April numbers more than doubled its counterpart. The RNC reported raising $9.6 million in April and holding $41 million cash on hand. The DNC said it has $8.8 million on hand.

And outside of Hillary Clinton’s ill-timed and rightly-ridiculed video, the Democrats readily admit the party is in triage.

I saw a headline about Democrats: The base wants it all. The Party wants to win.

So what will the Democrats hang their hat on? They separated themselves into the party of special interests, a fool’s folly. So now who will they serve?

What binds these hapless rubes together? The hatred of the Right.

But when they can no longer hate the Right, what will they do?

President Trump will gain more and more traction as he continues to blow up the Republican machine. He’s already exposed the Democrats’ crooked machine, and he’s not close to being done.

So what is the next ploy of the Left? Retread tactics?

Trump is a racist. Or, Trump is a misogynist. Then, Trump is a xenophobe. Perhaps, Trump colluded with Russia? Finally, nothing. Rinse and repeat.

To say the Democrats are in disarray may be the understatement of the year. The article continues,

“His audacity in calling for primaries in New York State must mean that he understands that primaries are not limited to members of the IDC,” Giove said. “If Mr. Ellison handles other parts of the country the way he handles New York, it will be a long time before Democrats regain control.”

An IDC source said Ellison several weeks back cancelled a schedule call with IDC Leader Jeffrey Klein after the congressman drew some heat after posting a picture praising one of Klein’s members.

“So much for unity,” the IDC source said.

They hate each other, and it’s easy to see why.

Outside of hatred of us, they have nothing that binds them. And they all don’t hate us, which poses a real problem for Ellison, et al now and in the future.


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