Democrats Refuse to Testify in Congressional Russia Probe [VIDEO]

Democrats Refuse to Testify in Congressional Russia Probe [VIDEO]

If Democrats want the truth in RussiaGate, then why do so many refuse to testify?

The list of Democrats who won’t testify is longer than a Polish last name. Yet, Democrats claim they want the truth. You can bet when the Democrats call for truth, it is only to obscure their lies.

And now that they no longer have the full control of the government, they pick and choose their battles cleverly. Take for example how the Left frames Comey’s imminent testimony this week.

Almost all the leftist media say things like, “Will Trump stop Comey from testifying?”

Take a look at some of the articles we found, when we Googled the idea.

Look at how the stories are titled:

ABC News: Officials say Trump may not try to block Comey’s testimony.

The title leads one to believe that he initially wanted to block the testimony. Further, who are “officials?” It would have been equally correct to put, “rumor” as a substitute for “officials.”

Interestingly, if you remove NOT from the title, then the real “truth” of what ABC implied comes out.

Below that article is one from Reuters. The title: Will Trump block Comey testimony? White House does not know yet…

Nothing on this subject has come out from the White House. In fact, KellyAnne Conway alluded that the White House anxiously awaits Comey’s testimony.

In fact, most indications are the White House is as eager for Comey to testify as they are for the next series of unemployment figures. In case you’ve slept through that, unemployment is at a 16-year low.

However, one of the key people on the Left who refuses to testify is Susan Rice, as Laura Ingraham points out in an exchange with FOX News’ Bret Baier:

BRET BAIER: It was interesting that Carter Page was called up there. Democrats really wanted to hear from him and then suddenly he wasn’t.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Well, he is not going to deliver what they apparently want. Carter Page has made himself available to testify and to Jonah’s point, Comey himself along with John Brennan and others have said there is no evidence of collusion.

And we do have to find out if our government was essentially turned into a political weapon against individuals for their political associations, whether to Trump or to associates of Trump and tracked and perhaps ultimately an attempt to intimidate or harass.

Susan Rice is not testifying. She refuses to testify before Congress. She has been asked to do. Jared Kushner said he would make himself available to anyone who wants to talk to him. It’s interesting. Why won’t Susan Rice talk?

Again, Susan Rice won’t talk.

But Jared Kushner made himself available, anytime.

It’s not the media’s fault for not reporting this. We know they will do nothing to stop other leftists.

However, it is our job to force the media to cover our perspective.





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