Democrats Resort to WITCHCRAFT to Thwart Trump [VIDEO]

Democrats Resort to WITCHCRAFT to Thwart Trump [VIDEO]

President Trump is a political rock star.

He’s impervious to “crap bullets” the Left shoot at him daily. In fact, the man proves routinely that he can survive the nuclear “crap blasts” of the Left.

Policy after policy decision by the president yield good results.

The debt is less and unemployment at decades-low levels. The jobs being created by President Trump make Obama’s handful of bean-picking jobs look anemic.

President Trump’s foreign policy weaves in domestic policy with the skill of a master seamstress.

Thousands of jobs were created at home and in Saudi Arabia with our new arms deal. Then again, Trump negotiated a deal that will keep high-paid workers hard at it for years with the deal in Qatar.

The president addresses our trade imbalance with laser focus, and will soon have Americans shipping billions more American-made products abroad. Coal mines have reopened, and miners report back to work. Our lumber industry got a boost with the president’s recent trade deal with Canada.

By relieving businesses of onerous bureaucracy, the economy received an estimated boost of over $2 trillion.

To put this mildly, everything Trump touches turns to gold.

So, it’s no wonder leftists get more desperate daily, as the legacy of Obama thankfully disappears in the rear-view mirror.

Leftists can no longer rely on Trump to fail of his own accord, thus they invoke sorcery.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

The Rebel journalist Laura Loomer visited a Brooklyn “metaphysical boutique” to interview the anti-Trump trans witch owner.

The manager of “Catland” is holding group meetings to cast spells on President Donald Trump.

But when Laura asked him to cast a spell on the Islamic State killers who throw gays from rooftops and sell women as sex slaves he refused.

That would be offensive and Islamophobic.

Proving yet again how crazy leftists are, this leftist moron refuses to cast spells against marauding Muslims. But he will use witchcraft against President Trump.

Think anybody has ever questioned him on his views?

Why bother. He has no real answer anyway. The minds of leftists have a spot programmed for instructions. Thus, they follow fake narratives to the letter of the law.

As you read some of our articles, ask yourself the very simple question: Would they do this to Obama?

First, conservatives don’t have time for such nonsense. Second, why bother with sorcery against Obama, when he was destined to ruin all by himself.

1080 Democrat jobs gone to Republicans later proves my point.



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