Facebook: How’s that GAY PRIDE Button Working

Facebook Introduces GAY PRIDE Button: Jihadi Button Next?

Facebook recently gave consumers a reaction option outside of just ‘liking’ or ‘loving.’

Some Facebook users can now react to posts with the homosexual community’s ‘pride’ flag.

Unfortunately, not all Facebook users have the option of using this new edition of Facebook reactions.

The social networking site claims that the feature is only available as a default for users living in “major markets with Pride celebrations” or for people who “like” LGBT Facebook pages. Apparently, the limited availability of the reaction is also largely in part due to the claim that it is only being “tested” right now.

According to Quartz,

Other users pointed out that Facebook has released temporary reaction buttons in the past that did not require users to opt in. The company’s announcements for its theme reaction buttons for Mother’s Day and Halloween do not mention any need to like a page or otherwise signal special interest. “Not everyone has a mother, or a good relationship with their mother, but we all got purple “thankful” flowers for Mother’s Day,” wrote Facebook user Sadi Ebon Askavi.

“Not everyone celebrates Halloween, but all the reactions were tweaked to reflect the whimsy of that holiday. What I’m seeing here is Facebook is trying to play both sides. ‘Here’s a rainbow reaction if you’re not homophobic. If you are, no problem! It’s opt in only! You’ll never have to see it!’ So you get all the praise and little to no pushback.

It seems as though Facebook’s priorities are a little bit misplaced these days.

The Guardian recently learned that due to a lack of cyber security at Facebook headquarters, Facebook moderators had their personal information exposed to suspected terrorists who use the social network.

A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on the issue of the ‘pride’ button issue–probably because it is not the only hot button issue facing the Facebook PR team.

Maybe if Facebook spent more time securing their business rather than focusing on  “inclusion,” they would avoid the pitfalls of many social media platforms lying in the dung heap of history?

Will Facebook soon segregate men from women? What about blacks from whites?

Perhaps the social media giant will add a Black Lives Matter emoji for those down for the cause. Then what of La Raza?

Would Facebook offer non-gays a “pride” flag? Or is it assumed that all other things Facebook are for non-gays?

And what of religion? Should theists assume that the absence of a religion emoji caters to atheists?

When did “LGTBQ” become an emotion? I can “like” an article or “dislike” it. Articles can anger or sadden. However, articles don’t “gay” people. Simply put, “gay” is not an emotion.

So what does Facebook hope to accomplish, as they divide human beings based on their sex acts? I think I just answered the question.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg continually experiments with ways to promote his leftist social engineering agenda. Most Americans over the age of 8 understand what “gay” means, and it’s not about being happy.

Facebook has better things to do. The product is a service, not a means for some Millennial with too much time and money on his hands to attempt to frame culture.

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