Muslim Driver Mows Down Group Walking [VIDEO]

Muslim Driver Mows Down Group Walking [VIDEO]

Stay vigilant when out walking with your friends and family.

If you think Muslims are accidentally running people over, think again.

Watch as the driver of this truck intentionally runs over a group of blacks walking.

Pretty soon there will be nowhere to hide from radical Islamic jihadists.

They have become so pervasive, that London’s jihadist Muslim mayor has told the world to “Suck it up, Buttercup” when it comes to fighting against jihad. At least in big cities.

I wrote about Sadiq Khan as follows:

The Mayor of London is a Muslim, and his name is Sadiq Khan.

I describe Khan as the perfect “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

He is exactly the type of Muslim the caliphate wants to make Islam appear to be civilized. Truth be told, Islam is far from civilized.

Islam is brutal. And the people who practice it will use any tactic to establish the caliphate.

Recently, Khan proclaimed that terrorism was “part and parcel” of living in a large city after the September bombing in New York City.


Recently we chronicled some Muslim men from London after the second attack. Note how distraught they are…not!

Look at how Muslims grieved over the latest London attack.

And by grieve, I mean mocking the death of Brits (and others).

Watch in this video as Muslims celebrate the tragedy that killed Londoners.

These bastards are jubilant walking around London as sirens wail.

Leftists will deny this video. Further, they will try to convince us that Muslims love their “invaded” countries.

Perhaps this was true years ago, however years of leftist PC multiculturalism changed that dynamic forever. These animals appreciate nothing. Their grandparents may have run from oppression by their Third World goat-humping leaders; however their children appreciate nothing.

These are the very men driving trucks.

Until they get the signal to begin their attack these men will find ways to fight their battle. Know that many “hit and runs” and other unsolved crimes will lie firmly on the shoulders of the leftists who have ushered in this terror disguised as multiculturalism.



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