PC Culture BACKFIRE: Leftist Professor FIRED for Comments on Warmbier

PC Culture BACKFIRE: Leftist Professor FIRED for Comments on Warmbier

I don’t know much about Otto Warmbier.

He went to North Korea as a tourist, I believe. While there, he stole a propaganda banner from his hotel.

Isn’t that what propaganda does? It makes one a fanatic.

Though perhaps childish, the crime committed by Warmbier certainly shouldn’t have been a death sentence.

The fact is Warmbier represent any American college student. What constitutes a harmless prank in the U.S. got Warmbier sentenced to 15 years hard labor; theoretically.

As it turns out, the remaining 13.5 years weren’t needed.

Obama left the young man in North Korea to languish. But you can bet had Otto Warmbier been Ray Johnson turned Ahmed Hassan, he would have been back in the U.S. within weeks, untouched.

But Otto Warmbier was a white male.

And if we’ve learned anything in Plutopian politics, white males are expendable. Useful pawns.

That’s what a professor at the University of Delaware thought.

She was under the impression that America remained under the Obama regime. But the days of smack-talk about white males has ended.

As The Daily Caller reported,

The University of Delaware has sacked Katherine Dettwyler, the taxpayer-funded professor who declared that Otto Warmbier was a “spoiled,” “white, rich, clueless” American college student who “got exactly what he deserved” when he recently ended up comatose and then died at the age of 22 after serving part of a lengthy prison sentence in North Korea.

“The University of Delaware has announced that Katherine Dettwyler, who last taught in the spring as an adjunct faculty member, will not be rehired to teach at the University in the future,” school officials said in a statement sent to The Daily Caller on Sunday.

Dettwyler made her comments on Wednesday on Facebook and in the comments section of a National Review article. At some point on Friday, she later removed or otherwise concealed the comments.

“Is it wrong of me to think that Otto Warmbier got exactly what he deserved?” the no-longer-employed professor wondered on Facebook. “He went to North Korea, for fuck’s sake, and then acted like a spoiled, naive, arrogant, US college student who had never had to face the consequences of his actions.”

I’m glad this witch is gone.

She completely ignored the humanity of a family losing their son. And over a nonsensical reason.

Next, she forgets that no country should mistreat the citizens of America. 22-year old men don’t mysteriously die.

Otto Warmbier may very well have been spoiled, naive and arrogant. But none of those character flaws mean he deserved to die. To repeat, the consequence of a prank is not death.

I wonder what her response was of the young woman captured by ISIS when she went to help Afghanistan? The young girl was repeatedly gang-raped, then ultimately killed. Clearly the young lady was naive, and likely arrogant enough to believe she could help goat-humping killers.

I learned that she was a total leftist, as if that were a surprise. Nevertheless, I felt for her family. How must they feel knowing how their daughter or sister died.

You can bet that professor didn’t say that young lady deserved to die. Because we live in a world where political correctness can be abandoned with males, particularly white males.

Those days are happily over. Soon the PC crowd will find the rules apply even to them.


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