FAIL: Greta Van Susteren FIRED FROM MSNBC after Only 6 Months

FAIL: Greta Van Susteren FIRED FROM MSNBC after Only 6 Months

Greta Van Susteren’s career ended on MSNBC.

To her credit, Van Susteren extended her career by taking a package from Fox News and somehow convincing MSNBC that she was relevant.

What Greta (and Megyn Kelly) are finding out is the Fox News brand is what drove their successes. Put another way, without Fox News, Greta (and Megyn Kelly) are mediocre anchors.

You can’t blame the other networks for trying. After all, their recipes aren’t working. Nevertheless, MSNBC learned the hard way that just bringing over Van Susteren was not a recipe for success.

Despite Fox’s current ratings dip, their audience doesn’t have the appetite to watch the fake news drivel of MSNBC or NBC. I suspect that most conservatives await Fox News to get its act together, and they will come back. Thus, any shift upward in ratings for the other media outlets is temporary at best. Looky-Lous watching the trainwrecks at MSNBC and CNN, as the rescue crews clean up.

We’ve certainly learned much about the “fake news” of CNN recently with undercover videos of their anchors admitting that lying about Trump is good for business.

To her credit, Van Susteren didn’t succumb to leftism like Alisyn Camerota has at CNN. Camerota’s leftism and tag-team with equally lame Chris Cuomo increased her longevity.

Van Susteren came with different baggage, however.

She moved during the controversy involving Roger Ailes. though not many people bought her “sexual harassment” story. Perhaps MSNBC felt Van Susteren could lure viewers from Fox News due to the salacious nature of her departure?

That didn’t happen. Thus, after only six months at MSNBC, Van Susteren is gone.

While on Fox News, Van Susteren’s viewership topped over 2 million. However, in the move to MSNBC her show couldn’t top half that number.

The announcement of her departure from MSNBC came via a tweet.

“I am out at MSNBC,” she wrote.

Van Susteren’s new show premiered in January, several months after she was taken off the air at Fox, where she had worked for over a decade, amid a difficult contract renegotiation.

This departure has to hit hard, given MSNBC’s list of bad anchors. Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry to name two.

Sadly, a well-trained baboon could find employment on that network, so this has to hurt Van Susteren’s ego just a tad?

It’s time for new blood at all the networks. And it’s time the media holds itself accountable for reporting the truth.

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