Feminists Protest in DC but Have NO IDEA What They’re Protesting

Feminists Protest in DC but Have NO IDEA What They’re Protesting

Looking back at the Women’s March last January and reminiscing on their abhorrent “pussy” hats doesn’t seem all that bad compared to what feminist and Women’s March protestors dressed up as this afternoon.

Earlier today, women gathered outside the Capitol in Washington D.C. dressed in costumes mirroring “The Handmaid’s Tale” to protest Trumpcare and its intent to defund Planned Parenthood for its performance of government funded abortions.

“It would be the worst bill for women in generations and decimate women’s healthcare,” Fern Whyland, communications director at Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts, told The Hill. “It’s a healthcare bill with no health care.”

The womens’ costumes referenced the new Hulu series, “The Handmaids Tale,” which is based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood. The series is set in Gilead, a totalitarian society in what used to be part of the United States. In Gilead, women are treated as objects of the state where women are forced into sexual servitude.

Side note: If one of the grievances attributed to today’s costumes has anything to do with the “sexual servitude” aspect of the show, I’ll help you out… It isn’t Donald Trump who is forcing women into sexual servitude–that already happened back in 1960. American women were (and still are) doomed to sexual servitude when the racist founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, released the first oral contraceptive, Enovid, which enabled sexual promiscuity and millions of single mother households–all in the name of “liberation.” Sound familiar?

Another funny irony is that many of the women stated that they wore the costumes to imply that the new administration’s healthcare bill represents a move towards totalitarianism. Well… that makes sense. Right?

Let’s take a look at what totalitarianism actually is, shall we?

According to Webster, “totalitarianism” refers to the political concept that citizens should be totally subject to an absolute state authority. In a totalitarian regime, the reach of the government is limitless.

Now, let us think about this for a moment. Basic knowledge tells us that wherever there is government money, there is government power. Therefore, the less the government funds, the less reach it has into the lives of its individual citizens. The more this new administration defunds and deregulates, the less reach and power the government has over the people. Thus, making it less totalitarian than it was when you started reading this article.

So, as we have seen before, it isn’t very hard to debunk any and all grievances filed on behalf of the half-witted feminists and the Women’s March movement. To all the women out there who think defunding Planned Parenthood will take away other services they claim they have a monopoly on, you’re wrong. If Planned Parenthood loses its funding and there are no longer condoms on the shelves at CVS, or Rite-Aid, or Wal-Mart, THEN you can complain you no longer have access to birth control.

****Hint, ladies**** THAT WON’T HAPPEN!

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