Former Obama Staffer SLAMS America: U.S. No Longer a “beacon of hope”

Former Obama Staffer SLAMS America: U.S. No Longer a “beacon of hope”

Leftists want to convince the world that not buying “climate farce” means you are retro.

Who can blame the Left for selling the ruse? After all, they make billions from their various circus freak shows.

Obama pushed the Paris Accord deal through without the Senate’s approval. And like with Obamacare, they didn’t care what the taxpayers wanted.

Again, I can’t blame them. Thieves don’t expect those impacted to like it. If that were the case, they would leave a note asking you to just leave the goodies outside, and a good time to come pick them up.

Politicians are the best thieves as they have found the easiest way to accomplish their crimes: right before your very eyes.

This is why Obama’s former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett recently alleged that by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, the Trump administration is “abdicating” the United States’ role as the “world leader.”

“It is unrefuted science that there are man-made consequences that are leading to the degradation of our planet. And it was unprecedented to have so many countries, nearly 200 countries from around the world, who followed the United States’ lead on this issue and came to the table and not just the government leaders but in our country, just hundreds and hundreds of large corporations signed on recognizing that it is not anti-business to care about our climate – it is not an either/or, it is a both and an imperative,” Jarrett said during a discussion sponsored by the Raben Group in D.C. last week.

There is more science in witchcraft than there is in climate farce.

The 200 countries who now engage in this larceny all stand to benefit greatly if America falls for this nonsense.

Jarrett adds:

“So I think it signals to the world that the United States is not serious about protecting our planet. And what it means is the rest of the world will move forward without us and the United States has always been that beacon of hope, the leader, the world leader, that’s why we’re called the world leader and we’re basically abdicating that role, so that’s disappointing to me.”

Au contraire. The wars we have fought on behalf of many nations suggests we care about the planet.

And if Jarrett wants to be disappointed, she had 8 years of opportunity to do so.

By the way, if the rest of the world moves forward with this and saves America, to that I say, “It’s about damn time!”

Opting out of the Paris BS Accord represents sanity. To call it a win for America means we were stupid enough to get into the battle of nitwits.

Frankly, people should be jailed for getting us into this accord. The only saving grace is the accord is non-binding. If other nations do this, they will find themselves deep in debt, and will only have America to look to, to bail them out.

Because we refuse to be part of this climate nonsense, we will save jobs. The free market will dictate our clean energy policies, instead of lying, greedy bureaucrats.

President Trump said it best:

“This agreement is less about climate and more about other countries gaining financial advantages. Even if the Paris agreement was implemented in full, with totally complied from all Nations it is estimated that it would only produce 2/10 of 1° Celsius reduction by the year 2100.”

Why would anybody spend estimated trillions of dollars on that type of reduction?

Answer: only a fool would.

You have to love President Trump’s challenge: let’s renegotiate it.

Something tells me the countries don’t want to face off with the guy who wrote the book on negotiations. However, if making a deal with America as part is so important, let’s do it.

When countries are forced to match America dollar for dollar, and accountability and real science are put to the test, the Left will eventually run from this money-grab like scalded dogs.

Will our air become dirtier due to this deal? Hell no. The impact of America backing out of this accord has all the impact of who will the next “Bachelor” on the namesake TV show.


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