Hillary Clinton Offers CLASSIC LINE When Asked About Her Problems [Video]

Hillary Clinton Offers CLASSIC LINE When Asked About Her Problems [Video]

Hillary Clinton continues the longest postmortem in the history of politics.

Clinton’s concession to President Trump reminds me of her campaign launch. How many were there, by the way? Five?

After emerging from her rat hole, Clinton promptly began her new campaign to attack the new president. But in order to accomplish this, Clinton needed credibility.

Let’s face it, after the shock of November 8, 2016, the Clinton Machine, Obama, and leftism in general were forced to take a long look at themselves. What they saw was ugly.

In what most people consider desperation, Clinton hit the circuit on “The Excuses Tour,” and America has been barraged with a litany of reasons for Hillary Clinton’s loss.

The issue returned to prominence just days before November’s election, when then-FBI Director James Comey notified Congress about new emails being under investigation. Clinton claimed that while the story was effectively—to borrow a term from her opponent—“fake news,” it was one of the biggest contributors to her defeat, helped by media outlets that covered it “like Pearl Harbor.”


“The overriding issue that affected the election that I had any control over—because I had no control over the Russians—was the way of the use of my email account was turned into the greatest scandal since Lord knows when. This was the biggest nothing burger ever.”

DC obviously made Clinton delirious.

That “nothing burger” represents the main reason Clinton is not in the Oval Office today.

What’s most interesting about Clinton’s comment is her regard of the American people as stupid.

In a brief synopsis of her transgressions, only the brain-dead would not see her guilt.

The woman refused to use the State Department server for State Department business. She chose instead to set up a private server in the basement bathroom closet in her home. Then, she hired a private contractor to manage the server.

Once the server was discovered, Clinton destroyed evidence of over 35,000 emails she claimed were about weddings and yoga. Further, she claimed the emails were not work product. That turned out to be false, as Clinton destroyed State Department communiques, and pretended this was by accident.

Next, Clinton claimed that no classified information was part of her communications. This proved to be another lie.

Connection upon connection puts Clinton’s crook foundation in the middle of controversies so numerous, they might as well be stars in the heavens. Yet for Clinton, this was all just a big “nothing burger.”

The “nothing burger” was the role Hillary Clinton played in improving U.S. foreign relations. Had she and her crooked family not been so hell bent on profiteering from her role as Secretary of State, countries like Haiti may actually have gotten something for billions of dollars the Clintons stole.


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